Why My Videos Are Different Now

After my Creative Live presentation,* I relaxed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. After Vlog Like a Boss was published, I thought I would create a course. But, I decided that a course wouldn’t serve my audience or myself, so I kind of dropped the idea.

Creative Live was the perfect compromise. Their production value was top-notch. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

One of the things I teach is the Authority Video Formula. This formula will help you do a better job of creating video from start to finish. The end of the timeline, which is essentially the end of your video, should be about 2-5 minutes.

The landscape of video is changing. Today, long-form video is a great idea. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube want longer watch times, which means you need to keep people on the platform. How do you do that? Make longer videos. You’ll get more watch time if your video is longer.

A lot of people have been asking me questions about the length of my videos and why my videos have changed over time.

So, if my Authority Video Formula says a video should only be 2-5 minutes long, but watch-time is key to everything, what is the balance?

Here’s the answer: watch time is a great thing when people are watching.

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If people aren’t watching, the length of your video might be holding you back from the potential of growth.

My videos have gotten have gotten significantly longer than they were in the past. I showed up on the scene to give quick tips and actionable advice that someone could watch in less than 5 minutes and walk away with something to do. The jump cut style I use is helpful because it makes the video feel like it’s going at a faster pace.

I still recommend the 2-5 minute length of a video when you’re getting started. The Authority Video Formula is helpful for everyone because it helps you understand the flow of what your video should be.   Once you have mastered it and have built an audience that immediately watches your videos when you hit publish, things start to change.

You can take certain creative liberties when you have leveled up. My videos are different because I’m offering more in every single project. If I’m going to publish less than I use to, I want to give more in each project. I’ve pulled you in and proven myself to my base audience, I can try new things.

Do I still think the 2-5 minute length of a video from my Authority Video Forumula still stands?  YES!

But, if no one’s watching your 2-minute video, no one will watch your 20-minute video. The short form – while you should balance it and try new things – is still important.

Remember, on YouTube, we aren’t looking at video when we’re deciding what video to watch. We’re looking at the title and photo to compel us to watch. If you’re thumbnail isn’t interesting, people arne’t going to click to watch.

My videos are changing because I’m giving you a storyline behind my videos. I have to show to tell – and that’s the world we’re living in today. You can’t just talk to the camera all the time and think people will listen. It doesn’t work like that. I’m making things more interesting by taking you along for the ride so you can see what I’m tyring to teach. That’s a huge difference from a talking-head video.

This is a great conversation to have. Keep these questions coming! I think about video all the time. Do you?


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