What I Vlogged This Week

So you can see what I typical week looks like for me at Vlog Boss Studios/SavvySexySocial/Aftermarq, I decided to vlog my way through the week.  Because I’m showing what I vlogged this week, you’ll see some things in this video that have already gone live.  


Here are a few things I did during the week:

Got ready for CreativeLive

On July 18, I gave an 8-hour workshop at CreativeLive.  I was finishing my presentation + putting together an awesome Gear Guide to send out to the people who signed up.  (I hope that was you!)  I have been experimenting with Canva, a free Photoshop-like application that lets you create graphics.  Yep, for free!  It’s a great platform!


I make a lot of video, so it’s important to me to have an easy setup.  For the iPhone Apps for Vloggers video, I’m using the Ring Light.  It’s a simple tool to get the best lighting possible.

When you make a lot of video, you need it to be easy. Create a simple setup and start #vlogging. #vloglikeaboss Click To Tweet

Aftermarq’s client project went live

#LifeAt Powered By SAP is live!  SAP is a business software solution who hired us to produce some episodes for them.  Here’s the first episode about a brand called Balsam Brands

Taking Lucy to the groomer  #dogmomlife

While Lucy is being pampered at the groomer, I’m going to go post up in a Starbucks and work on a few things.  I brought a couple of project with me so that I can be productive on the go, but let’s be honest, don’t we all work on the project that we’re feeling the most when we work in public?  

Vincenzo is outside of Washington DC working on an Aftermarq project

Blake Guidry goes to meet Vin to work on a new project.  If you haven’t heard about Blake yet, he’s the newest full-time member of the Aftermarq team.

Making Video for CreativeLive

One of my major talking points at CreativeLive is making video with your smartphone. To prove that it can be done, I’m actually doing it so everyone can see what it will look like at the end.  

I simply set up my Manfrotto Tripod with a smartphone attachment, and I’m going to use the best lens possible, which is on the back of the camera.  I won’t be able to see myself while I record.  

Want the greatest hack ever?  Airplay your camera to your TV so you can see what you look like.  You can be scrappy and make awesome video.

Going to Vincenzo’s tailor

We take a road trip to Bloomington, Indiana so Vin can be fitted for his wedding tuxedo from Elevated Citizen.  And, man!  Does he look good!

Hope you had a great week too.  Happy vlogging!