iPhone Apps for Vloggers | 7+ Apps I Love

I mean, can we be honest for a second? Apps save the day. They make everything better. Easier.

There are so many iPhone apps for vloggers that make making video a breeze.  You can get started using the technology you have and apps are a great way to stay engaged with your community and to find new ways to market your content on your phone.

You can run your whole channel on your phone. It’s totally possible. While it’s not my personal preference, it can absolutely be done.

Here the 7 apps on my home screen that make my life easier:

1.  YouTube

Well, of course, this is an amazing app. I like having it front and center to see the interface for another user. I like that everything is crisp on mobile. I like to log into my channel and monitor my activity. I also look at trending because YouTube is showing what they want the world to watch. It’s fascinating how trends changes, and I like to keep up with the updates.

2.  SocialBlade

They give you an arbitrary grade, which I don’t pay too much attention to. What I do care about what is happening from a subscriber and viewer standpoint. I do that from simply searching for my channel. Are there any spikes anywhere that I need to pay attention to? It’s a good place to understand the health of the channel in terms of actual data, not a grade.

3.  Studio (YouTube for Creators)

This is a great app that shows how I’m growing and from where I’m getting referrals. I can dive into my analytics from this app: view duration, suggested video, browse features, etc. From this app, I can see who’s sending me traffic and which videos are performing well, which is great because then I know how to create more content that caters to what I know my viewers like.

Basically, this app lets you see the analytics in the moment, which is much less intimidating than going into YouTube Analytics on desktop.

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4.  Highrise

This is my contact management app – a vital app for my phone. When I meet someone new, whether that’s in person or via email, I keep diligent details about them in a database so I know how follow-up with them.

I make sure I know where our conversation stands so I can always remember where I am with each person I meet. This app allows you to add in details about a conversation you had over lunch or insert personal details like an anniversary. Details might seem tiny, but they make people feel really special, and that’s exactly what I want to do.

5.  Focus@Will

This is a paid app, and I love it. It’s my go-to app for listening to something to help me focus for a certain amount of time. It’s basically a Pomodoro app – it goes for 25 straight minutes and then you get a 5-minute break. After 3-4 Pomodoros, you get a longer break.

I take the Pomodoro technique and use this app to keep me on track and to stay focused. I love that I can set the music and level of intensity and the number of minutes that I want to work.

I use this app when I’m doing research, planning my editorial calendar, coming up with new ideas, preparing for presentations, and making sure that I don’t lose focus. (I’m looking at you, Twitter!)

6.  Any.do

This is my task manager of choice because of how simple it is. I mostly use this app when I’m on the go and I don’t have my bullet journal with me. I use this app as a holding place for ideas and tasks until I can put them where they truly go, like in my bullet journal or in a larger Evernote note.

I have multiple folders within the app, but it’s still simple. I can’t handle complex task manager apps, I need something quick and easy.

7.  My Instagram folder

I mostly use VSCO, Darkroom, Snapseed, Facetune, Planoly, Bitly, Focalmark, and Spark Post. I use Spark Post mostly for the graphics on my Instagram stories. You can use any of these apps to customize your feed on any social network to promote your content.

I have a strategic plan for Instagram when a YouTube video goes live, so these apps are super important.

Obviously, I want to mention Instagram and Twitter because those are priority zone on my phone, but I don’t think they need time here because you know that I’m very active on these platforms. They are my go-to places to communicate with you outside of my YouTube channel.

BONUS APP: Evernote

There are so many apps that offer digital note-taking, but I love the search capabilities of Evernote. I like to go into Evernote to outline my videos. I don’t use a teleprompter, just notes. It’s easier for me to look at notes on my phone rather than holding my bullet journal.

All of these apps are tools to make your vlogging life easier.

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