To round out the month, Im going to show you why this was the BEST MAY EVER. So many awesome things happened personally and professionally, and I just have to share them all with you.

Lets get into it.

Shout out to Mitch, our personal trainer, who showed Vin and me a new exercise that I totally love. Im hoping to spend more time at this new gym in June. My energy is definitely up, and you know I gotta get that fitness in.

If you remember, I kicked off the month with the bestie’s annual event, Keyholder, at The Womens Fund of Central Ohio. This event featured inspirational women and this year Billie Jean King and Lisa Ling were there!

So much coaching! I love working one-on-one with people about their video game. Its so rewarding for me to see my clients make progress, and I love helping people achieve their goals and get what they want.

Mothers Day! You know I love my momma! Its important to me to take a few moments to reflect and show my mom how grateful I am for her. Even when things get hectic, I make try to make the time to spend time with my mom and my family.

There was less travel this month, which I really enjoyed. Our big trip this month for to Orlando. Aftermarqs client was hosting the SAP Sapphire event and wewere running of all of the livestream. So cool. Oh, and Aftermarq is hiring!

I spoke at Digital Summit in Atlanta. It was great event, and there are more happening all around the country. Be sure to find out if there is an event near you!

Wedding planning is going really well, and Im hoping to focus on that more in June. Vincenzo got his custom tux – check!

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Memorial Day was filled with the usual: family, Lucy, and cooking out. While trying to relax with family, I realized that I havent taken a vacation in a long time. I decided to take a vacation FROM YOUTUBE. I know, this is big, right! I havent taken a vacation in a LONG time. Ive decided I am going to hit the reset button by sitting on my couch, going to Connecticut, and catching up on House of Cards.

So yea, as you can tell, this was basically the BEST MAY EVER!