The Biggest Myth About YouTube Subscribers

What’s the deal with your YouTube subscriber ratio to your engagement rate? Not seeing consistency? Kelsey’s video question inspire this address of the biggest myth about subscribers that you need to know about.


Oh those YouTube subscribers! They are SO kind to hit that big red box on our channel.

The social proof of YouTube subscribership is super cool. But other than that what is it?

As Kelsey points out, it probably isn’t a good indication of engagement. Even when she promotes content with advertising, the results only remain if she pays to play. Where are all the organic channel lovers.

But first to figure this out we have to address a pre-myth in this situation: that “youtube subscribers” is a comparable phrase to “loyal viewers”. It’s just not! You only had to ask one time to get someone to press that button and then they did. Big deal.

Because that leads me to the main myth which is that YouTube subscribers ACTUALLY KNOW HOW to use subscriptions! How do they know where to go and check on new content if they’re usually in the habit of just searching around for things they want to discover?

Pretty much you can’t assume any of this is happening.

In fact, if you look at your YouTube metrics, the vast majority of channel received views from non-subscribers. People just clicking a link from search, social or anywhere else to see what you have to say.

So if that’s the case, you cannot assume that your subscriber number is going to have any bearing whatsoever on how well you’re doing engagement-wise. It’s just not a relative number.

There are many factors of YouTube success to consider so I want you to look more deeply in your analytics on this. And I have a present to guide you a little.

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