The Biggest Video Mistake at the 1-Second Mark

The very last thing you want to do is lose your viewer with a crappy start. And it’s happening way too often. Let’s talk about the biggest video mistake at the 1-second mark.

When you create content on any platform, you always need to consider the context of where you are.

Why do users use this platform? What are they used to? What do they enjoy?

Coming into that environment you want to stand out with your amazing personality but first you have to blend in by respecting that context.

YouTube? Okay. We’re talking about context like cat videos and homemade vlogs. It’s the home of relatability if you have to put in one word.

So when relatability is so key, there is something very simple that you need to do to make sure you make that connection to the audience immediately. More importantly, something you really really shouldn’t do. Tune into the video to learn more and then grab the tip sheet below for the best video kickoff every time.

Download: YouTube Video Intro Checklist!