Get a Loaded Email List Instantly With Linkedin

Getting an e-mail list up and running can be a bit discouraging.

You pick a host. Then you give it a nice design. Create an opt-in box for your website. Write up your first draft.

Then you gotta wait for subscribers… *crickets*

Getting that list can take some time. Hard work and perseverance are the only way to grow it.

It may be a difficult job, and you gotta do it.

But what if I told you that you could get instant access to an email list that someone else already made, has a ton of people opted in, who are waiting for you to market your work?

Welcome to Linkedin, my friends.

Linkedin?? Is this some kind of joke?

Calm yourself, Grasshopper. Sensei’s got this.

Linkedin is quite the powerful platform to market yourself. It requires a little more than just creating a profile and making sure it’s 100% complete, but it’s still a total cake walk.

See that share button over there? You know. The Linkedin button that’s floating around as you scroll through this post so that you’ll share it if you’re so inclined? (For those of you reading my post somewhere other than my website, you will have to use your imagination, or actually join us.)

Click that button. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually share this post unless you want to. I’m just gonna show you something cool. So do it!)

Once you’re logged into your Linkedin account, you have 3 options.

  1. Post to Updates
  2. Post to Groups
  3. Send to Individuals

I always use 1 and 3 because I want my immediate connections to of course see my work in case they find it useful. But the option I want you to think about tog row your network outside of those connections is option #2.

Linkedin Groups. A powerful part of the success of Linkedin. Why? Because not only are people already using this platform with business and networking on the mind, but they are congregating in groups to learn more about how they can better their business.

Also important about these groups is when you sign up and either get automatically accepted or obtain approval by the manager, your default settings will be to get email updates from any discussions that are going on within the people of the group.

Hello e-mail list!

So when I push that little share button every morning after I publish my blog post, I share it with all the groups that I’m in that I think will find the content useful. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

By sharing, that post is listed within the group news feed as well as sent in a digest to the email list for the group. My content just got promoted through the best way to communicate with an audience: email. And I didn’t even have to create  or maintain the list!

This method has helped me see Linkedin get to the #2 spot as a source of referred traffic to my site. #2! That’s great considering how many social networks I’m on, and y’all know it.

Most important to remember is to watch for emails of people who have responded to your post with comments inside the group discussion board. If people want to further the conversation there, always respond! Other group members seeing this conversation will be more comfortable in chiming in, or even check out the article if they hadn’t yet, leading to more of an audience who are interested in becoming more frequent visitors to your site.

So let’s recap:

  • Join Linkedin Groups relevant to the audience you’re targeting
  • Share your work in the group
  • Get promoted on the group wall and in the group email list
  • Allow the traffic to roll in
  • Continue the conversation within the group when people ask more questions or offer feedback
  • Let more traffic roll in from curious/quiet group members
  • Grow your own website’s traffic, and hopefully your own email list.

Sound like a pretty good deal to you? Not only have I had traffic grow significantly with Linkedin, I have been hired by multiple clients who found me in a Linkedin group. So I swear by this tactic and this great platform of professional people.

Have you tried Linkedin Group interaction to market yourself? What worked? What didn’t? Share a comment below!