By Amy Landino

Every video is a process. Not just the filming and editing part, but the launch. You can't just assume if you create something people will come. You have to set it up for success so that it can fly. This video is all about the routine of items I run through whenever I upload a new project to YouTube to make sure that it's ready for my community as well as those who have yet to meet me.

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My Video Upload Routine

  1. Keyword Research
    Since YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, it's important to optimize opportunities to appear in search. I leverage a tool called Tubebuddy (also the sponsor of this video) to find the best search activity offering a chance to be discovered by those using the website as a search engine. Tubebuddy is a free Google Chrome extension that gives you more capability on the YouTube.com site to do research, but you can also upgrade for more features. Get 25% off when you use the keyword VlogBossBuddy.
  2. Prepare Metadata and Custom Thumbnail
    Now it's time to define your headline, description, and tags for the video based on the keyword you researched. Get focused around that keyword and make sure it's in those three major fields, in addition to any other potential search terms that will help you show up for relevant search activity. The custom thumbnail is very important as well because it's the first visual opportunity a potential audience has to decide whether they want to watch. Do not go half way on this! Make sure it's something visually-enticing that makes someone want to click and watch!
  3. Upload the Video, Metadata and Thumbnail Together
    You prepared your data in advance so that you don't waste any time adding it to the details of the video. So don't just upload the video and walk away to get lunch. You want that metadata in there as soon as YouTube starts trying to categorize it, which is as soon as the video is done processing.
  4. Review Video for Errors
    You should have done this before you uploaded the video but sometimes errors happen in the upload process as well. Make sure you're good to go.
  5. Add YouTube Cards and End Screen Options
    YouTube gives us amazing functionality that allows us to call action on the video itself. The interactive buttons that pop out, like YouTube Cards are an opportunity to call action to a poll, link to your site, or additional content to watch. Leverage the opportunity to give someone the next step and continue to engage with you. End screen options are great for reminding people to subscribe and continue watching more content at the end of the video. Incorporate these into your video plans for an extra professional touch.
  6. Comment on the Video
    Try to be the first comment on your video so that people see you are not just there to press publish and bolt. That comment shows them your willingness to have a conversation with them even after the video is done.
  7. Publish, Share and Continue Commenting
    I have a few things I like to do to get people ready for a video. I'll let Instagram stories see behind-the-scenes of going live. I warn Twitter to get ready with gifs and countdowns. And when the video is live, it's time to go crazy sharing that YouTube link. I try to incorporate the thumbnail photo is any status update on Twitter or Facebook so that there is more room taken on the newsfeed/timeline. YouTube links alone do not do well enough. Don't be afraid to keep sharing because that video is really finding it's way in the first 24-48 hours. Make sure you continue to comment on the video because your added engagement helps YouTube see how desirable your video is.

Those are the steps I take for every upload. A lot? You don't have to remember them! When you download the Tubebuddy Chrome Extension, you can have my checklist right on your upload screen every time. Just select my face when you're choosing your default checklist.

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