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The Zero to Pro Vlogger in 5 Weeks Program includes:

  • 5-Week intensive development training of how to create your own YouTube video series
  • New video lesson every week with homework, tutorials, planning strategies and implementation steps
  • Personal coaching support directly from Amy and the community via exclusive Facebook group
  • Weekly live shows for Q&A and assistance in keeping bootcampers moving through the curriculum
  • You will see intricate details of how SSS was created and how I film, edit, and publish each episode
  • Trainings delivered every Monday morning (Eastern Time) and live shows will be scheduled later in the week

Each week you will receive a new module for the next step to moving your video series forward:


Week 1: Defining Your Strategy Statement 

It’s hard to start making video when you’re not sure why you’re doing it or why people will care. It all has to be working toward a goal and helping those in your target audience. In this first module we will work through the purpose of this content for your brand so that you can have a clear idea of who you customer is, what they care about and how you can use that information to create the best content for them.


Week 2: Structure and Time Management

Now that you know why you’re doing what you’re doing and who it’s for, we need a little more information in our content plan to get the ball rolling. Even that information, although critical, is still not enough for you to have ideas for videos. In this module, we will discuss how you can structure your show so that it is less daunting for you to come up with things to discuss or show your audience and how it will work with your very full calendar of everything else in your life.


Week 3: Filming

This may seem cut and dry but it really isn’t. There are ways to make the subject of your videos (ideally you) look best on camera and that takes a couplet tips and tricks that I share in this module. Where should you be in the frame? What kind of audio do you need? How’s the lighting? Lots of these logistical items for week 3.


Week 4: Editing

Everyone always wants to know my SSS editing secrets. Be prepared because in this module, your wish is my command. I share everything about my process for editing. In fact, you’ll get to see me edit an actual episode of the show so there are no details left out. I will be using pro level software: Adobe Premiere Pro. As long as you’re prepared to use a linear editor, these tips will come in handy. (And you’ll know when I mean by linear when you watch!)


Week 5: Optimizing and Sharing

Now that you’ve made your first video(s), you’re ready to share them with the world. But what’s really the best way to go about it? I will show you how I go about sharing my videos on social media and through my blog so that I can get optimum traffic and views, as well as retain the audience to stick around for future episodes.


Next camp begins September 22, 2014!!


Usual price for my contracted clients is $5-10,000 in retainer fees! Your one-time fee for everything listed above is only:





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