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I work really hard at what I do. I love it. I live it. I breathe it. I’m not perfect but I do everything I can in every waking hour to be better. Because I’m a small business owner and that’s what we do. But we can’t be good at everything. We just can’t. How are we going to excel at our greatest passions if we try to be amazing at it all? It’s not possible. If you’re here, you already know how important it is to incorporate social media communications into your marketing strategy. You’re reading and watching my content, taking notes, implementing, going at it hard in the time that you have. But you’re not seeing the results you need to make it all worth it and the help from someone familiar with the territory is more than desirable. It’s worth begging for. I’m no stranger to the budgetary restrictions of a startup. Bootstrapping was a much sexier word when included in conversations at the Nordstrom shoe department. But it’s hard to justify the “pick your brain” or “buy you a coffee/beer” argument anymore. To be respected in your business is to show respect to others. So while I’m happy to give you helpful nuggets of information here on the Savvy Sexy Social blog, I need more than just a Grande Mocha Light Frappaccino, no whipped cream with a super long straw or a Miller Light to personalize a strategy for you.


Your Social Action Planning Session

I’m offering you my time to discuss the best direction and platforms for you to represent your business with social media. In return you’re getting a plan of action for you to implement immediately. Sometimes it’s just a little road map that we need to get us going rather than over-committing ourselves to a client relationship we’re not ready for. That’s exactly what this is.

What you’ll get from this consulting session:

  • Video conference call with myself for up to 90 minutes. We will go over the details of the information you’ll provide me in advance about your business and from there discuss the ideas that I have to help you grow awareness of your brand through social media and get the conversions you’re looking for. I’ll also be spending time researching you and your competitors in advance as well as following up a couple weeks after our chat.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Some people claim to be something they’re not. I’m not one of them. But you shouldn’t be afraid to seek help for your business regardless. I guarantee your satisfaction of your social action plan no matter what. If you want a refund and are not happy with the service I’ve provided, I will return your fee in full within 30 days of our call.


What are people saying about PMB?

“So you take this nebulous glob of “here’s what I want to do” and bring it to someone else. Who tells you blah blah bla…. yet wait. She didn’t. Spoke about the big picture, then highlit small steps to get the ball rolling, tying them back into what the big picture was. Things like adding an e-mail opt into the blog platform, then treating the e-mail crowd like their own market segments, and explaining how these mediums ARE their own market segments based on their preffered st…. wait. I’ve said too much. I’ve got notes, starter steps, and a chunk of insight from someone who’s honest about what she’s doing, and doing it well. Thanks (glad she’s overcoming the hurdle of a common last name during URL searches.)”

– Chris M.

“I knew Amy was a video pro just by watching her channel on YouTube. I had no idea she’d be able to translate her own ability to create killer video so well for me. Sometimes you find consultants who can do things really well for themselves, but not so well for others. This is not the case with Amy. She’s candid, creative and a complete EXPERT when it comes to all things video. I’m VERY savvy when it comes to understanding social media, but 90 minutes with Amy taught me more than $1,000 seminar or course I’ve already taken recently. The best part is that now I have a straightforward plan of attack for getting my YouTube strategy off the ground. Not to mention… I’m totally inspired and fired up. Coaching with Amy is worth every single penny. I won’t hesitate to make an investment with her again should I need her exquisite expertise in the future.”

– Marlee W.


To make the most of both your time and mine, here’s what you need to know:

  • Pick a time and pay the one-time fee in advance to hold a place on my calendar. This shows me you’re serious about your current plan to move your business forward so I can make time in mine. Time slots will be contingent on availability of my schedule Tuesday through Thursdays 9:00am – 7:00pm Eastern Time. Use the widget below (DO NOT EMAIL ME DIRECTLY) to find an available time slot that fits your schedule.
  • Expect an email from me before we sit down together. I need to know more about you and your business plan to be able to make the best of the time we have one-on-one. The best way to do that is to have you answer a few questions so I can get familiar with your industry and do a little research of my own. Be sure to get that information to me 24 hours before our call.
  • MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS TAKES TIME. And it’s well worth it. Don’t expect to get any tips or tricks from this call that will be on the basis of saving you time for other things. My goal is to help you succeed, not help you half-ass.


One Time Fee: $847.00

Sorry. No happy hour specials ’round here. But if you won’t invest in your business, who will? Choose your appointment below and let’s get you on the path to social success!