What is Savvy Sexy Social?

My name is Amy Schmittauer (read more about me here!) and I am the Founder & Face of Savvy Sexy Social. This is a vlog that has been dedicated to helping you since its inception in March 2011.

The mission of Savvy Sexy Social is to empower you to lead a proactive lifestyle. 

My vision is for you to feel fulfilled with your life because you can wake up every day and take control of it. Your surroundings, focus and ambitions.

I believe if you add a little lift to your every day, you will love the life you’ve designed. I hope to help in any small way I can through this vlog by teaching you something new while making you laugh a little about something you probably already know.

It will all make sense later. Don’t worry. We’re going to have fun no matter what! I won’t have it any other way. Just be prepared to have the urge to take action once you dive in!


Kickstart Your Lift:

How To Plan Your Day


7 Tips to Get More Done


My Daily Rituals



Additional Resources:

I’m sure you maybe stumbled here and don’t know where to go next. No problem. Here are some of the most popular and helpful resources ever published on Savvy Sexy Social:

Let’s Get Closer:

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