By Amy Landino

As April has come back around again, it's time to vlog every day! No. This is not an April Fool's Day joke. Every year in April and August, the Savvy Sexy Social community participates (or just enjoys watching) #SSSVEDA: Vlog Every Day in April! So to kick off my own 30 days of videos, I am sharing with you my best tips for ensuring you show up to make a video for your VEDA challenge.


Daily Vlogging Tips! How to Vlog Every Day:

  1. Always have your camera with you,
    This may sound obvious, but it's easy to “forget” your camera when you're trying to avoid the moment of your day when you document that video you need to publish! Always have your camera on you. These days, this is easier because most of us have smartphones. So for this tip, just remember to pull your phone out when something is happening! Those are the best moments to create your daily vlogs.
  2. Make the time on your calendar.
    If this is truly a time issue for you, you need to schedule it. Have you calendar ping you when it's time to film, edit and publish. It may sound silly, but it's not if you truly are having a hard time “making time” to make a video. When you're new to the daily vlog scene, this is even more challenging. Set yourself up for success by booking the time for yourself. You'll be much more likely to show up if it's an appointment on your calendar.
  3. Focus on the goal.
    You must must must remember why you've challenged yourself to do this. If motivating you that you have an end date of 30 days if all you need, then great! But why else does this matter? Are you vlogging every day until you get to a certain number of subscribers on YouTube? Are you vlogging every day so you can practice communicating for an upcoming presentation? Focus on the goal and you will be more likely to show up for your vlog appointment every day.
  4. Plan content ahead of time.
    Make life easier by planning your content in advance. This is why we have a calendar of topics in #SSSVEDA because lack of “something to say” is such an easy excuse for staying consistent with video. If you truly have a blank slate every time, the video won't get done with the most confidence from you. So do not allow that to be an issue. Give yourself an editorial plan —at least a loose one — to keep you on point.
  5. Watch others to stay motivated.
    The reason we're all here is because others have motivated us before we started. Do not forget what made you love this communication style in the first place. Continue to be as great of a viewer as you are a creator. Watch the best vloggers you know and allow them to help you keep your creative juices flowing. I still love to watch my favorite YouTube channels to get inspired with new ideas. My loyalty to them is karma for the community I hope will be loyal to me. Keep the circle going!
  6. Use templates wherever possible.
    If it feels like you're starting over every time you create a video, you'll procrastinate every day. Templates are a great way to keep up with your regular content, whether you're recreating something in iMovie from a former video or duplicating a design in Canva for your next custom thumbnail. Allow yourself to not have to start all over every day by giving yourself a templated flow when possible.
  7. Remember your person.
    If you don't think about the person you're doing this for — the perfect viewer who will be a part of your tribe — you won't continue to show up. Knowing that someone is excited to see what you do every time and is waiting for you next upload is a massive part of this. Even in the beginning when it feels like there is no one, there is always someone if you've truly designed your content for an audience that will love it. Just keep in mind that you'll make relationships one person at a time as they discover you, but you must show up to do that. Keeping your person in mind will keep you showing up for what you promised you would do.


Excited by the idea of vlogging every day? Sign up for #SSSVEDA!

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