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3 Things You Should Never Do in a Vlog

By Amy Landino

3 Things to Never Do in Your VlogAlthough we are given an opportunity to be more human and personable today with the use of online video, it doesn't mean you shouldn't draw the line somewhere. Having a policy in place for your vlog (and your brand as a whole) that allows you to color within the lines of ideal personality boundaries is key, and will be different for everyone. But there are a few things that I would never recommend to any kind of brand, big or small.

3 Things You Should Never Do in a Vlog

  1. Share opinions on politics and/or religion (unless it's directly related to your content)

    If you decide to draw a very deep line between you and your community by discussing something as heated as politics when it is in no way what they opted for by subscribing to your community, you're looking for trouble. We saw a healthy amount of this during the last election cycle which was, of course, extremely emotional for most.

    Here's the thing. I used to work in policy at a private law firm. My mother raised me to care a great deal about the political landscape because of how much it affects our lives as U.S. citizens every day. It does matter. A lot. But I respect everyone for their opinions no matter what is happening in the world. If someone is elected office, it is because the people spoke in some capacity to make it swing that way. As long as I get educated and take advantage of my privilege to vote, then that's all I can do. Because when it comes to the purpose of my vlog and the reason I'm here to help, sharing these opinions is only going to isolate people who see things just a little differently. And for what?

    I've heard of so many people losing business opportunities, speaking engagements and customers due to flippantly sharing their religious and political opinions. Maybe if they would have been more strategic it would have worked out. Why would you jeopardize something you have a great deal of control over the success of, like your vlog messaging, by disappointing your community with a bomb they didn't see coming? Just don't do it.

  2. Dress inappropriately

    Upon meeting a mentor in person five years ago, she looked at me and said: “Keep doing what you're doing. It's really great.” I already started to feel very good but she went on. “Your vlogs are useful and you dress appropriately too. So many girls are getting this wrong online.” It was something I didn't expect her to say, that last part. For whatever reason, my attire had resonated with her.

    Maybe it's because there's a “Sexy” in “Savvy Sexy Social.” A lot of people get this wrong about me because I decided to be cheeky with the name of my vlog. Sexy in no way means you'll expect something mildly inappropriate on the show, but instead that you can make anything you talk about fun if you relate best to your viewer. Of course, how would anyone know that coming in though?

    But my favorite thing is disappointing people who come to the vlog for that reason. You're just not going to find me wearing a low-cut shirt or exposing an area of my body that isn't business casual. Dressing for the job you want is still — in 2017 — a big part of any brand growth. You can have your style, but respect the contexts of your environments so that you don't lose out on opportunities you're perfect for. If only they saw past your clothing, or placement thereof.

  3. Use copywrited music

    Monetization or no monetization. You should not use copywrited music. This is anything you would hear on the radio and/or owned by someone who has not somehow given you commercial rights to use. People who create content regularly on YouTube know what it means to get a copyright strike against you and it's bad news when you do. YouTube wants you to make money, but they don't want you to steal from people who should make money for their work as well.

    Always find copyright-free music for your video work if you want to be taken seriously as a brand. If you're looking for great music that you will love using, check out my video on where I find my vlog music.

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