Making Money Vlogging + 5 Tips to Get Started on YouTube

Often times, the thing holding someone back from vlogging is a lack of time, which translates to a lack of prioritization. But honestly, it’s hard to prioritize something that isn’t bringing in money (like where you might be when you’re first starting) when you could be doing something that does bring in money.

Money is a great motivator and can be a measurable tool to use when you’re trying to define success.

There are ways to start making money early on. You have to be motivated. You have to be determined. You have to put in the work. And, here’s the best part, you have to be creative.

Here are 5 ways to get started making money on YouTube:

1.  Google AdSense

Google AdSense is usually someone’s first thought as the only way to make money through YouTube. This is not the only way to make money online, but it’s top of mind for so many people.

You do have to reach a certain level of views on your channel for AdSense to pay your bills.

What is Google AdSense? It’s the ability to monetize your videos and therefore YouTube/Google makes money on your content + you get a cut.

Getting Started Tip: Do not waste any time turning it on. Activate Google AdSense now. They want to make money on your channel, just like you want a cut of that money.

2.  Affiliate links

Affiliate links are links to products that the YouTuber shares with their community and in return, the YouTuber gets a small cut if someone buys it. Affiliate links work for informational and physical products

Affiliates are great because it’s a great way to get started. It brings in cash flow almost immediately. It’s very easy – you just sign up for the program and people click the link.

Getting Started Tip: Go find the affiliate links on Amazon of the products that you already use and recommend. You can go back into previous content and insert new affiliate links.

You must legally disclose that you’re using affiliate links – just communicate with your audience that you are making money off of someone else’s transaction.

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3.  Sponsorships

Sponsors are similar to affiliates but you actually create a relationship with the company you are sharing. That relationship is usually an agreed-upon deal between the YouTuber and the company. The YouTuber promotes the company/the company’s product through the channel, and the company pays you to create the piece of content on their behalf.

A lot of creators worry about their subscriber count…their view count. Don’t let this hold you back. Your influence matters. What you create matters.

Getting Started Tip: Understand that sponsors might not having a budget yet. Go to them and say that you want to work with them and open the conversation about inserting them as a sponsor on your channel. Ask how you can insert them and ask how they can give you value in return. There are so many ways to form partnerships and might not include money.

You must also disclose if there is a sponsor on the piece of content you’re creating, especially if there is a motive (i.e. money!) behind the creation of the video.

4.  Offer consulting

You’re becoming a thought leader in your space and an expert in your industry. You can give value by offering consulting. I have a few different revenue models for consulting: one-on-one, group coaching, and larger companies who need strategy at Aftermarq.

Getting Started Tip: Make sure that you let people know you offer consulting. Use the description box to talk about this service, and make a “work with me” page for your website too.

5.  Sell your own products

If you already have products, use the video you make to promote your product. This should be a part of your larger content marketing strategy. Instead of relying on other influencers to promote your stuff, you should be doing that.

Getting Started Tip: Your vlogs are not commercials; they are content. Your video provides content. Meet your customer where they are today so they can get curious about you and your product and take action to take the next step.

Allow the medium to be an opportunity to build relationships and guide potential leads down the road to your product. It’s ok to use the description box, featured links, and your website to communicate with everyone who comes across you.

The state of influence is very interesting. The biggest influencers are starting in their bedrooms using their smartphone to make video. You don’t have to justify making money. You have options. If you don’t start thinking about the monetization early on, it will be more difficult later.

If you want to have sponsorships and to diversify your revenue streams, get creative and go after what you want.