What I Was Like 10 Years Ago

Yes, I made this video while I was on my 2-week vacation, but this is different. I’m celebrating by reflecting.

I’ve come to learn a lot about myself in these last couple of years, as I’ve made transitions in my personal life, my professional life, and I have learned a lot about myself.

Thinking about who we are and what kind of mark we want to leave on this world is more important than you might think. Not only does this kind of reflection help you see areas of your life that you want to change, you realize how grateful you are for the amazing parts (and people!) of your life.

Here’s what I’ve learned from reflecting on my birthday:

We all just want to be happy.

We’re all shooting for the same goal here: happiness. We all want great lives and to feel happy in our lives. I mean duh, right! Sure, we all have goals, but accomplishments mean nothing if we’re not happy.

Everything we do is to achieve some level of happiness.

We’re struggling to reach our goals.

I mean “struggle” in the most positive way possible here. I mean, I signed up for this life; I’m getting everything I want and everything I’ve worked for. But, to have my life, I work toward it every single day. I want this life. I want my struggles, so I’m happy to take them on every day.

When I first started SavvySexySocial, my goal was to be in complete control of my day, every day. Period. I wanted to be able to support myself in a way that I love from my goal. Through my work, I’ve been able to travel, I met Vincenzo, and I’m striving for the next step. It’s so great to look back on what I’ve achieved and look toward accomplishing other goals.

This is the kind of struggle I welcome and want in my life.

Use your energy.

If I could talk to a 22-year old today, I would tell them to use all of your energy to be productive, however you define productivity. You can do more, and you should. My goals and aspirations have obviously changed since I was 22; I mean, I watch Wheel of Fortune less, but I’m constantly working to be better because the minimum isn’t good enough.

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Get to know who you are.

Whether you like it or not, everyone is a personal brand. Sometimes, we spend more time than we’d like to admit thinking about how other people perceive us. But instead, use that energy to discover who you truly are and focus on that. Why? Because, at the end of the day, YOU have to like YOU. You are the only one keeping you alive. Seriously.

I’ve realized that not a lot of people care about you beyond what they can get out of you. It’s not about impressing people or checking off boxes, it’s about how you feel about yourself. It comes from focus and work, and it’s all worth it.

Trust yourself.

There have been so many times that I’ve thought, “I think I’m right about this.” I’ve said that to myself so many times, and it’s always been true. You know who else’s gut is right all the time? Vincenzo. (I’ve lost one too many arguments because his gut is always right!)

Whatever the gut-check is, you have to hone in on that. Trust how you feel.

Trust yourself. Focus. Do the work.

Create happiness.

I can honestly say that I wake up everyday feeling happy. I’m happy with myself. I’m happy with what’s on my calendar and with how I spend my day. I’m happy with Lucy, usually. I’m so happy with Vin. And with our businesses. Business has been good; business has been good to me.

I’m proud to look around at this life I’ve created, and I love that I get to share it with you.