Views vs. Subscribers… are more vlogging Q&A

I’m taking a 2-week vacation, but before I do, let’s do a quick Q&A.

@KilmaMusic asks, “In the YouTube comment section, should comments be approve-only or should I allow any? I get questionable comments from time-to-time.”

I believe you SHOULD NOT moderate your comments before they go public. Opinions should be heard, and commenters deserve to have their voice heard instantly, not after someone has approved the comment. Differing opinions start conversations.

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YouTube loves engagement, positive or negative. Don’t turn on moderation because you’re afraid of negative comments. Embrace the comments. Let people comment. Every comment counts.

@CaptUsagi wants to know, “What is more important: number of subscribers? number of viewers?”

Subscribers are highly valuable. Period. When someone hits subscribe on my channel, for any reason, they have started a relationship with me.

I was just looking at my analytics, and I saw that 40% of my watch-time is from subscribed viewers. That means that about 60% of viewers are NOT subscribed to my channel. The majority of my watch-time are fromunsubscribed viewers who are viewing!

Because of this data, I would argue that views are much more important than subscribers because that’s where the value is for you (because I’m bringing you value and because we have a touch point) and for YouTube because more people are staying on their platform.

Views are how money is made. YouTube’s business model makes money from views (watch-time and ads). When YouTube sees that you’re keeping views/people on their platform, they reward you by bumping you up organically in search and recommended you to other viewers. This adds to the touch point you have with the viewer, but YouTube also loves it.

So what is more important? Views! Focus on the views!

@m_krzak asks, “Can you recommend some tools for newsletters? Which ones do you use?”

My go-to resource for email newsletters is Aweber. I’ve been using them since 2011, and I love their service because they’re great for anyone who’s just getting started with their email list and for others who rely on it every day. Plus, their support staff is amazing!

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@rodythebornrock wants to know, “Should a new creator join a multi-channel network?”

A multi-channel network (MCN) is a place you can go to work with a company who can offer you resources and connections to help you grow as a YouTube channel (and potentially on other networks). MCNs facilitate YouTube relationships and collaborations.

I personally don’t think it’s worth it to sign over your Google AdSense account to a company who is “guaranteeing” that you make a rate per thousands of views that you might have already gotten from Google in the first place. Plus, you may be giving away your ownership rights to the content, which might not be the best idea.

Also, “Why didn’t you go to CES2017?”

This is the first time in 6 years that I didn’t go because, you know, I was launching my book.

@KimBarboo poses this question: “My channel is lifestyle + entertainment, where there may not be much value to offer. Any tips for marketing entertainers?”

Umm…you are providing value. Entertainment is valuable. If you think you aren’t providing value, you need to think about WHY someone would watch. Who is your viewer persona? How can you provide an experience for your viewer?

As soon as you know your viewer persona, you’ll be able to talk to the camera as if you’re speaking to a real viewer. You’ll be able to have a real conversation with that person, which is valuable.

Take the time to understand your viewer persona through and through so that you understand their lifestyle, their wants, and their needs. From there, create content that they need.

@EileenVincett emailed asking, “What is the magic number of followers to be striving for before you think of a strategy to monetize your channel”?

There isn’t a minimum number of subscribers you need to enable monetization.

If you’re thinking about reaching out to sponsors, but you don’t have too many subscribers you’re only hindering yourself, because anyone say they don’t have enough subscribers.

I don’t think there is a magic number. The question to ask is do you have real influence? It’s more about who trusts you. You should be able to prove that there are real relationships.

It’s more than vanity numbers it’s about value and relationships.

Whew! That was fun. I’m off to my couch for my staycation now. See you in 2 weeks!


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