5 Essential Tools I Can’t Blog Without

I take a lot of pride in having my own homebase on the Internet. You’re reading it right now. SavvySexySocial.com is where I keep all my content from videos to podcasts to just my written thoughts. There are a few tools on this blog that make it possible for my webpages to look their best while offering an amazing visitor experience. These are those top 5 essential tools I can’t blog without!

  1. Graphicstock — Visuals are absolutely critical for any website and sometimes we can’t be our own photographer to get what we need. For this I rely on Graphicstock (also the sponsor of this video). They have an incredible archive of stock photos that are not just the ordinary style but visually-beautiful representations of ideas we want to portray. I prefer minimalistic, beautiful photos and I have no problem finding them on Graphicstock. Check out my link for Graphicstock to try it out, 7 days free!
  2. Better Click To Tweet — This is a favorite WordPress plugin of mine. I love to find out when people have been on my website and read something I wrote. This tool allows me to display a quotable or sharable line for visitors to share that will make it more accessible and fun to share my work. Here’s an example of what this free tool looks like: Hey @Schmittastic! Thanks for telling me about Better Click to Tweet! #brilliant Click To Tweet
  3. Hellobar — This one is big for helping you grow your email list. When people visit your blog, you want to compel them to come back again later! I love Hellobar for popping out at the top of the website (yeah… you can see it now if you notice that blue bar asking you a question at the top of the page!) so that I can remind you to stay tuned with me via email. Beautiful and easy to use! You can use the free version of Hellobar, although I pay for it so that I can remove the Hellobar branding and get a couple of extra features from their amazing dashboard. Remember, you’re going to need an email marketing tool to make this work. Hellobar adds people who sign up to your email list. I recommend AWeber if you don’t already have one.
  4. Leadpages — This is a great resource for quickly creating pages of your website that will help you convert sales and email subscribers. Sometimes the webpages we have aren’t doing the best job for designing our value proposition. Leadpages are proven to convert results and that’s why I use them when I don’t have a webpage design that works best for my free or paid products. Leadpages is definitely a paid tool, but when used right will pay you back in many more dividends.
  5. YouTube — Ah YouTube! Where would I be without you?! I love making videos for the second largest search engine in the world, but even more so because it gives me visually lovely content for my blog. Just look at how that video is readily available for you up there. You could have just watched it instead of reading this. Or you could do both! The more versatile the experience for your visitor, the more likely they’ll be back.


What essential tools must you have for a killer blog? Share in the comments below!