Best February Ever | Live Q&A

As the second month of the year is already coming to a close, I live streamed for an hour on my YouTube channel to have a moment to chat with you, answer questions and share some exciting things that happened as we continue to create the best year ever.

Coming off of the launch of my first book, it’s still very much involved in everything I do every day. I felt so fortunate that you not only wanted the book, but bought it and read it! In turn, making Vlog Like a Boss a #1 Amazon Best Seller. That set the month off amazingly!

For those of you asking, the audiobook will be coming early next month, so watch for that! I know how much you want it 🙂

This month was filled with a lot of fun videos, which I believe are helping everyone with not only their vlogging journey but their life as well.

  1. This is my Super Bowl After 30 days of vlogging counting down to my first book, this is how the amazing launch happened and all the incredible people who helped me get there.
  2. Where I Find My Vlog Music A popular question throughout our January vlog was where we found all the copyright-free music we used to tell our story. This is the website that made adding background music way more fun than usual.
  3. NYC Live with Gary Vaynerchuk It was a crazy day. We launched the vlog music video and decided to hop a plane to NYC (see next video) but the coolest part was getting to take you with me in real time. That day, YouTube Live for mobile rolled out to creators with 10,000 or more subscribers. This was my first chance to stream to you via mobile featuring my mentor Gary Vaynerchuk and his interviewer, the one and only Daymond John!
  4. 5 Hours Notice We were invited to an exclusive party. In New York City. That day. We were in Columbus, Ohio. Here’s how we made it happen.
  5. I Am Not Casey Neistat I’m very proud of this video. I’m not bitter. I’m not angry. I’m simply doing my job. I don’t think there’s anyone else on the planet that could have made this video, either because it’s not relevant for their audience or they’re afraid to say it. I’m the only one who could make this statement and I know I helped a lot of up-and-coming creators like myself by doing so. I hope this message motivates you to remember that you get to decide if you’re good enough to do what you love.
  6. Who are you doing this for? I had a fun day of book promotion here in Columbus per a stop at a local radio station and a roundtable speaking opportunity. The coolest part was having my brother shadow me for all of it so he could really see me when I’m at my best. We’re working on him as a camera guy though. 😉
  7. How to be Confident This pertains to anyone who just needs a little more confidence. As an extroverted introvert, I’m still very introverted at my core. I don’t use it as an excuse, so I’ve learned how to manage when I need more confidence and “on” presentation. When you choose a line of work that’s very front-facing for human connection, I believe you don’t have a choice. But everyone needs more confidence no matter what you do. And especially if you want to make videos. So these are the things that helped me increase my confidence.
  8. My Video Upload Routine My friends at Tubebuddy helped make this video happen by sponsoring the episode so I could share with you all the steps I take to get a video published. It’s quite a process, but it’s one that has served me well in making sure you see my work and want to share it with your communities. Make sure you check out the Tubebuddy tool if you want to be discovered more often on YouTube as well. They have a free Google Chrome extension but you can upgrade their services for 25% off by using the code VlogBossBuddy!

Another thing I mentioned on the live stream that many of my viewers don’t know is that I have a podcast. It’s been through a couple of re-brandings, all of which with good reason. But this time I think we’re in the best place possible. Vlog Boss Radio is my chance to talk to you in a more long-form, conversational format. I’ll be having friends of mine on so we can talk more deeply about things that would be tougher to do in a traditional YouTube video and better yet, you can just listen while you workout, walk the dog or commute. Please check it out and subscribe.

Speaking season is about to begin. If you’re curious about where I will be, make sure you keep checking my events page.

Finally, Mark Schaefer and I will be doing a live stream on Facebook to interview each other about our books. Known is his latest book and goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the content of Vlog Like a Boss. Join us at Noon ET on Tuesday February 28th on my Facebook page to find out more and chat with us!