background vlogging music


Throughout the series of Vlog Like a Boss in January, we kept the experience fun and interesting with a variety of video tactics. One of them was music choice. For me to effectively bring you on the journey every day for a month, music and audio helps tremendously with setting that tone. In turn, I got a lot of questions about where I get my copyright free music from. The wait is over. Find out how you can have great vlog music without having to worry about using anything illegally. And it’s totally reasonable for your budget!

Epidemic Sound has been an absolute saving grace for the vlogs. Choosing music is so much work but they make it incredibly simple for any kind of vlogger. The music is produced by incredible artists and is easily discoverable through search of categories and genres. There are even playlists created of the music with names that are inspired by YouTube content themes like Daily Vlog, Vlogmas and more.

Try Epidemic Sound for 30 days free (affiliate link) and take your vlogs to the next level by leveraging music to help tell your story.