Hello 2017: 30 Days until #VlogLikeaBoss

My book, Vlog Like a Boss, will finally be here on January 31, 2017. What a way to kick off the year, right?

I’m convinced that this is my year. It starts with this book but it will not end there. So much more to do. So many more people to help.

To get started in that effort of having my best year ever (once again), I’m sharing the behind-the-scenes details of my life in these 30 days leading up to my first ever book launch.

It’s going to be crazy. Busy. Emotional. Jam-packed. And awesome. All at the same time. What better way for you to learn what that process is like than to discover it along with me.

So here is episode 01 of VLAB (Vlog Like A Boss: The YouTube Series.) A welcome to my 2017.