Beginner Video Editing (That Doesn’t Suck) with @AdobeSpark

This blog post has been sponsored by the good people at Adobe Spark.

Video has never been more accessible to anyone and everyone than it is now, going into 2017. There are minimal excuses left for you to not create some kind of video and the people at Adobe Spark agree. They reached out to me after they saw the first video I did upon the arrival of Adobe Spark so I could tell you about their big announcement today, introducing a new critical feature to their video editor. Let’s check it out.

Introducing Video Clip Support in Adobe Spark Video!

That’s right. Adobe Spark actually rolled out a web-based video editor earlier this year that couldn’t even let you import video clips. But it was still a great tool. Since then, they’ve been working hard to keep Spark up-to-par for on-the-go creators and now they’ve added video clip support.

The ability to drag and drop your video clips and add impressive text seamlessly is a majorly big deal in video today. We’re seeing so much favorability on social platforms — especially Facebook — for text on screen. So Adobe Spark just became a go-to tool for this that even the most beginner of video editors can handle.

Just check out their Inspiration Gallery to see all the amazing work that’s being done by people, businesses, non-profits and pretty much anyone through Spark Video.

To find out how to get started with Adobe Spark (for free!!) click here. (Or if you want the mobile version from the App Store, click here!)

The video I created in Adobe is live on my Facebook page: