5 Tips to Get Freelance Work

Get started freelancing now? Easier said than done. How do you find the work? That’s what this episode of the Freedom Economy series is all about. Here are 5 tips for getting freelance work.



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5 Tips to Get Freelance Work

5 Tips to Get Freelance Work

If you want to get freelance work that is not only going to build your portfolio but actually pay, you need to get creative. Check out these 5 tips to get your started:

1) Create valuable content online

The best way to get customers today is to educate them about what they want to know. Believe it or not, you’re not just a freelancer. You’re a teacher. So share what you know that your ideal client is already thinking about and you can get their attention on your website. Speaking of which, make sure you have a “Work With Me” page which is clearly in sight no matter what page someone is on when using your website. This is the very clear indication of what someone should do next after you have educated them in a blog post or video… hire you!

2) Share that content with people who actually care

Sure you can run to your social networks and post your video for everyone to watch. And that’s a very good idea. However, why not connect with people who care about you and what you’re doing. Friends and family. The ones who will vouch for you and how hard you work. Send them your new piece of content — whether it’s a video or a podcast or a blog post — and ask them to share it with someone who they think will find it useful. Just one person. That personal endorsement is such a huge thing for you. The masses will come. For now you just need clients.

3) Find your customers and go to them

It doesn’t matter if it’s hashtags or Facebook groups, you need to find where your customer hangs out and go there. Chat. Provide value. Get introduced to people. B2B client-seekers have it even easier. You can go to Linkedin and find anyone with the title and type of company you want to work with and make a list of people you’ve never met to reach out to. Use that database and find a way to hang out with them.

4) Send a personalized video to your prospect

No not the “this just looks like it’s personalized” kind of video. An ACTUALLY personalized video. Because if you want that person to feel special enough to want to work with you, you need to treat them like they are actually going to be a special client for you. See the same video within the video above to discover the art of the personalized video for what you do.

5) Keep your customers happy

Whether or not your clients can work with you once for many times going forward, you need to keep them happy and feeling special. There is no better business opportunity that a repeat customer. The second best? That coveted referral. When someone can say they had such a great experience working with you that they would refer you to their friends. That’s HUGE! Leverage that and keep your current and previous customers in the know about what you think they should, even if they’ve graduated beyond it or don’t pay you anymore. This special touch is a major impact.

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