3 Tools to Freelancing Like a Pro

If you’re going to live life on your own terms as a freelancer, you gotta have the right tools. These are the three I recommend.


Thanks to my partnership with Spera, an incredible platform that will help freelancers find their professional workstyle, I was able to tell this story today. Give props to our sponsor for this kick off of the Freedom Economy series on Savvy Sexy Social by checking out a 30-day trial HERE.

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3 Tools to Freelancing Like a Pro

These are the tools that keep my business flowin’ when I’m goin’… all over the place. Make sure you have your bases covered to freelance like a pro and sign up for all of these great resources:

Spera for project management and billing

Contactually for network tracking

Zoom for personal connection via video conferencing


Discover Spera and how it can improve your freelance workstyle!


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