5 Reasons I'm Not Following You On Twitter

5 Reasons I’m NOT Following You on Twitter

I am a big fan of Twitter. It’s a social network with a special place in my heart because of how fun and easy it is to communicate with people there. However, there are still many people using this tool very wrong — even some people I still follow. If you’re wondering why people are not following you on Twitter, the answer may be in one of these 5 reasons that I won’t be either.



5 Reasons I’m NOT Following You on Twitter

1. I unfollowed immediately after receiving your auto DM

If I get a direct message from you the moment after I click the follow button, that’s a pretty good indication of automating your Twitter presence. Not only that, it’s probably got a link in that message with a call-to-action to follow you somewhere else, watch your video or go to your website. I just followed you! And now you’re putting me to work but can’t even ask me to do it in real-time? Nope. I’m outta here.

INSTEAD: Turn off the auto DM. Whatever you wanted to link to can be in the form of a normal tweet pinned to the top of your profile. (Just click those three dots on your tweet and select “Pin to your Profile Page.”) This will be the first tweet people see when they arrive on your profile. If you want to thank people who follow you, I recommend you do it in real-time via public tweets. And put a little effort into it by going to their profile to find out something about them to start a conversation. Yeah. Relationships are hard work.


2. Your Twitter profile is just a dumping zone for other social media activity

If I arrive on your profile and every single tweet is an unfinished sentence followed by an ellipse with a link to your Instagram post, I’m outtie. Twitter is not your press room for all things other social networks. Can you share other activity on Twitter? Of course! But not every. single. tweet.

This is also true for those who simply use Twitter to share the links to their latest blog posts… and that’s it. Again. This is not your blog press room although if used well could be a great venue for that. Active words: used well.

INSTEAD:  Copy social media activity to your Twitter profile strategically and with reason. Maybe every once in awhile you want to remind your Twitter following that you have an Instagram and can copy the post to your Twitter feed (via that ‘share to Twitter’ button in Instagram) but you need to put the work in as a regular user of Twitter for that to be effective. The only way they’ll be interested in checking out your Instagram is if they followed and you are a personable and engaging account to connect with.


3. Your last tweet was more than 5 days ago

Do you even tweet, bro? I mean, I totally get it when we have a long week and don’t get the chance to tweet so I’ll throw you a bone if it looks like your profile is promising overall. But really. If you’re not even thinking about Twitter and therefore having conversations with people on a regular basis, then there’s really no reason for me to follow. I’m not going to sit and wait for us to have a conversation since you never plan to attend the party.

INSTEAD: Don’t bother with Twitter. Allow yourself to be happy with other social networks and just say forget it. You’ll do yourself the favor to get the responsibility off your plate and therefore remove the disappointment of people not following you. But if you want to commit, then realize you need to show up when you have a profile on this platform. You need to bring the value, even in the form of basic tweets about what you’re up to.


5 Reasons I'm Not Following You On Twitter4. You’re not really into spellcheck

I totally understand the occasional (or more than occasional) slip of the thumb spelling errors. But on most of your stuff? Not good. There. Their. They’re. Learn them. Please.

INSTEAD: There is no instead here.


5. You’re following more people than the number of times you’ve actually ever tweeted

This is a sign of only growing followers and not providing value. Period. You can cheat your way to a following that will never mean anything for you or you can work hard to grow relationships that will last a lifetime. I choose the latter. I also only like to follow so many people so I can actually keep up with what they’re up to. Isn’t that the whole point? I’m getting really frustrated at 500ish and thinking about paring down. So when you’re following 20K and you’ve only tweet 100 times, I’m pretty much not interested.

INSTEAD: Stop worrying about the follow/follow back strategy and think about how you can be the best possible Twitter account for what you do well. Let people discover how awesome you are! They WILL follow.



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