5 Ways to Start Your Day on the Right Foot

5 Ways to Start Your Day on the Right FootStarting on the right foot, huh? This morning I woke up with the very clear intention to write my first blog post (sans video) in a pretty long time. I went through my morning routine and at the end scheduled time to write.

As I was ready to get started, I sat down at my computer and accidentally put my elbow in my coffee, knocking it down to the floor. Coffee all over me. Coffee all over my chair. Coffee all over the floor.

Somehow this new “Love Maine” mug survived the fall, but nonetheless, a bit of a frustrating way to get started with my brand new day.

The irony of what this post was to be titled — which remained unchanged — is not lost on me.

Every day is not going to be perfect. It just won’t. You already know that and are hoping to make a change for the better by being here and I commend you. But no matter what, things happen. Your job is to overpower the negatives with the positives and that can be helped with a simple list of morning rituals.

Here are a few ways I learned to combat coffee rogue situations and start your day on the right foot.

7 Ways to Start Your Day on the Right Foot

1. Get your PB amount of sleep

There are so many arguments for what the right amount of sleep is for a person. I personally need at least 7.5 hours to feel optimal. (No really. I’ve measured this over and over. 7 hours is not quite enough and 8 feels incredible.) But I fully believe that everything we do well is because of mindset.

If you have told yourself you are the best version of yourself at 5 hours of sleep regularly and have proven that to be the case to yourself, it’s going to be hard to tell you otherwise.

So the key thing here is to get your PB amount of sleep. For those of you who are runners, you know I stole PB from your vocabulary as it means “personal best.” Doesn’t that make it sound better, too? Like sleeping is this incredible race you have to run except with way less energy and just as many health benefits?

Get your personal best amount of sleep if you want to wake up the next morning feeling great.

2. Turn your alarm off on time… in the other room

No one actually enjoys hitting the snooze button and I’m not going to say I don’t do it. I do. Too often.

But one of the ways I’ve been able to encourage myself to stop doing this and stay out of bed is by keeping my alarm clock (probably your cell phone) in another room. I keep mine in the kitchen (which helps me follow through with #3.) The further you have to go to turn off your alarm, the more energy you put into it.

This will also really help with keeping devices out of your room when you should be sleeping soundly. No one needs that random tweet waking us up at 4am, but make sure your emergency contacts can ring through if you do need to get up for something important.


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3. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning

One of the best decisions I make every day is have a giant glass of lemon water as soon as I wake up. I’m not a nutritionist, but you can look up countless details about the health benefits of lemons. What I do know is that this stuff gives me incredible energy to start the day. It’s a jolt to the system and I think pretty much everyone could use that in the healthiest form every morning.

Also, it’s great for those of us who have a hard time fitting in water to our committed coffee drinking schedule throughout the day. Get 16 ounces in first thing with a half or full lemon squeezed to help get that H20 in.

the surviving coffee mug, love maine

4. Review and rewrite your mission and goals

We only have so much time on this planet and it’s flying by. No matter what your scenario is or whether you’re happy in your daily life, you can make an incredible impact on your attitude if you review and rewrite your mission and goals every morning.

A personal mission is just as important as personal goals. It’s the why for your how.

Write them both down and allow that to set your intention for how you’re going to proceed with your day. This ambitious step alone will help you to reassess everything you do and how you’re using your time.

If you’re not driven to make a change where it’s due quickly just by taking this simple step, you didn’t write a mission that really means something to you.

5. Carve out 30 minutes (minimum) for “you time”

The beginning to a great day means allowing it to be your day. If you wake up reporting to the rest of the world first, whether it be your boss via email or your friends on Twitter, it’s not your day. You immediately allowed the rest of the World to tell you what to do right now instead of you deciding yourself.

Read a book. Drink coffee on your front porch. Pet the dog. Go to the gym. Take a walk. Anything.

Make the time. Do you. And then let everyone in. You’ll be inviting them into this awesome environment that is the start to your great day.


For more detail on my daily rituals, including evening tips, check out the video My Daily Rituals.


How do you start your day on the right foot? You know, just in case I spill coffee on myself again and need more tips? Leave a comment below!


photo 1: John Towner via Unsplash
photo 2: surviving coffee mug that went rogue