YouTube NextUp Bound

This blog post was originally a letter to my Facebook friends/followers.

From 31,000 feet in first class and a bloody mary in hand, I’m feeling extremely grateful.

I started an account on YouTube in March 2007 simply to have a way to subscribe to some interesting people who were sharing their life with the Internet on the platform. Little did I know how much that would inspire me to start doing the same and the journey I would follow thereafter.

Fast forward more than 9 years later after more than 1000 videos uploaded across multiple channels, a new career path in video content marketing speaking and consulting, writing my first book, and quickly approaching 50K subscribers on my YouTube channel, I’m flying to NYC at this moment to spend a week as an invited winner of the YouTube NextUp production creator camp at YouTube Space NY along with 15 others who competed as well.

Having the privilege of being seen and treated as an asset to YouTube to the extent that they want to invest time and dollars in me is a very special moment on the trajectory of my career. Not very many people can say that the tool they use to share their message sees them, empowers them and lifts them higher to succeed.

I could not be more thrilled and can’t wait to share my experience with friends, colleagues, clients and family. I never dreamed I would have an opportunity like this and will certainly not be taking it for granted.

Thank you to everyone who has ever watched one or every-last-one of my videos. Your likes, comments, ideas, shares, emails and support have helped me get here and you MUST know how much I appreciate that.


P.S. YouTube is super cool to pay for everything on this trip including this flight, but I’m in first class because American Airlines is pretty cool too. #freeupgrade