7 Tips to Get GREAT Guests on your Show

If you want to interview people for your show, no matter whether it’s video or audio, you want them to be great guests. Really grab people’s attention to make them want to tune in.

In this episode, I hung out with my longtime Columbus friend Lewis Howes and host of the School of Greatness podcast to talk about his tips for how to get great guests for your show.


1) Attend Events. Build Relationships.

You can’t just do everything from your computer at home! You gotta get out there and meet people. Doesn’t matter who they are, but when you get a chance to mingle with influencers and up-and-comers you are growing your network that will help you reach more people.

2) Leverage Your Credibility at Launch

When you use social proof of previous guests or connections to start getting the desirable potential guests, you’re putting yourself on a different level immediately as a connected, experience host.

3) Ask Guests at the Right Time

Watch your timing for the ask when it hits your perfect guest’s sales schedule. If they’re promoting their new book, they are more likely to consider you than during a time they are busy writing it or working on other projects that don’t allow time for promotion. High-level guests value their time, so you should time your ask accordingly for the best results.

4) Be Where You Need to Be

Location can matter depending on your format and how you want to differentiate yourself. Just like you need to get out from behind the computer to track people down and meet a larger network, you may also need to spend time in a certain place to get the interview done. Be where you need to be to get the best result and stand out!

5) Ask for Referrals

Don’t be afraid to talk to your guests and ask them who they would like to see be on your show. It’s a great opportunity to ask for an introduction and expand your network even more, even if they can’t be on when you ask them.

6) Consistency is Key

When you audience can rely on you, you become an influencer. When you’re an influencer, you’re more likely to get better guests on your show. Be consistent. Show up. And people will be reaching out to YOU about being on your show.

7) Keep Up Your Quality

As long as you continue to execute, you will be building your talent. By being consistent and following these tips, you will continue to improve your quality and impress the guests that are to come down the road. Always keep up the great work by getting better and learning from mistakes.

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