The 3 Keys to Video Talent

A misconception about video is that you have to be born with the right personality to be a success. Actually, that’s not true at all. There are plenty of crap personalities in the video world, but they still have the ability to grow an incredible following because of one big skill: talent.

Video talent is important and does not rely on whether your personality is fit or not. The good news is that you can work on your talent to be more successful with video and in this episode, I will share with you the three critical factors that you need to work on to improve your video talent.


Talent is something that is achieved with hard work. So knowing that going in, this is going to be a journey of increasing your skills in obtaining the talent you need. But that’s good news. Hard work is something you can do. It’s something you can change. You can focus on it as hard or as little as you want. What you decide will dictate your success.

So if you’re prepared for the work, let me introduce the keys to video talent.

The 3 Keys to Video Talent:



If you expect to make videos that can fall into just about any category whatsoever, you’re signing up for a world of painful waiting. The best way to get talented quickly with video is to also get talented in a particular area. Your video channel needs to be a niche that people can predict and subscribe to, knowing what they’re going to get from each and every episode.

Your niche is important in everything you do, but most certainly with video. It’s not only going to help people see your value, it’s going to give you a clearer return on investment for why you’re doing this in the first place.


Reading books is good, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. To read means to look at your perfect viewer and know them extremely well. What do they want to know? What do they think about? Why would they find you in the first place? What would be happening with them to make you discovered on their journey?

When you know your audience well and you specialize in the area that you want to be their thought leader, you will never run out of content ideas. You will constantly have something to share with them about how you can help. Bringing value consistently because you know them well and understand how they’re receiving your message is the best way to scale building relationships through video. Do your homework on them and they will be loyal for life.



Hopefully this one is self-explanatory but you’re never truly going to be talented at something that you don’t put the practice in on. Doing video well means doing it often and not being afraid to publish an imperfect product. If I waited for every video to be perfect, I wouldn’t have a library of over 630 videos, much less a total portfolio of 1000+. Do the work. Put the practice in. Let your audience take this journey with you because they are enjoying all the value you are offering them along the way.


Personality is icing on the cake when you have video talent. Let your personality grow as you increase your confidence in creating video content.

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