My Bonus Skill from Creating Video

After nearly 10 years of creating video, it’s already crazy to me that I somehow became a video content marketing expert along the way. The journey has been pretty cool. It feels so fitting because I’ve literally found a way to use video the tell a story and that’s the best advice a business could ever receive. Making a career out of that is a dream.

Although that trajectory of my life was hard to anticipate simply starting by loving video, that’s not even the kicker. Practicing video and creating new projects for many companies who have reached out for my help did something for me that I never thought I could be able to do.

Have the ability to speak in front of a large crowd of people.

Public speaking was never an aspiration.

Speaking about Creating VideoIn speech class back in high school, I was mousey at best. It was a semester I had to get through and that would be it.

Now I can’t get enough. I’m asked to speak on stages all over the World to talk about something I absolutely love. AND people like it. They really like it. I get off stage and people compliment me. I’ve never done well with compliments in the first place, but I seem to be handling these just fine.

Do I have my moments of insecurity? Sure. I worry when I finish a presentation sometimes that maybe it wasn’t my best moment on stage. But it never seems to matter. The people who tell me after that it resonated with them and that they’re ready to go make a video for their business right away are all I need to know I’ve done my job well.

Creating video changed everything.

It’s just like creating video. I share value in the content and then I hang out in the comments to see what people think. And the response is positive and constructive and interesting. The consistency of these two mediums is incredible. It’s addicting.

But to think, a girl in her second bedroom with a bookshelf in the background can talk to the camera like it’s a person. Truly she is alone in that moment and no one is watching if she doesn’t want them to. And then that skill built one where she can do the same thing, but live and in person on a stage in front of hundred of people. That’s astounding.

You’re in the driver’s seat of the journey to success.

I don’t know if you aspire to speak. (I didn’t.) But I want you to take something away from this regardless, especially if you’ve hesitated creating video.

Video content is by far and away one of the most valuable marketing tools you will ever encounter. You will reach your audience in a personal way. You will present your efforts in a human way. You will build communication skills. You will rank in search. You will practice what you preach. And just with that to start, you will also open many doors you never knew you wanted to or had the ability to open.

One door for me was to speak publicly, an incredible value for my business and brand awareness. What I have achieved from that opportunity over the last 5 years is quite possibly one of the greatest gifts of my life.

And I made it happen.

I hope you’ll make something happen for you. Maybe video will be a part of that process. I hope you’ll at least try.