A Trick to Video Creation While Traveling

When you need video ideas and are preparing to travel, it’s fairly easy to just plan on making a video as you’re checking out a new place or experiencing new things. But just leaving your plan at that is a great way to have zero vision for your content and therefore a subpar result in the end.

I gave a client some advice recently on this subject about how you can best take advantage of your upcoming travels when it comes to content creation. Because winging it is not the answer.

Showing off your life as your travel and/or the cool things around you might be substantial enough for a great video. But you just won’t know until you’re there and in the moment and finding those opportunities to leverage.

Rather than leaving that plan completely to chance, I recommend another approach. Really, an additional plan.

Prepare a list

Don’t leave home without a list of ideas. Simply put, what would you talk about at home or in your office that would be an ordinary video that you could now potentially do in a more scenic and interesting place?

Not only does this take those ordinary videos and turn them into something more exciting, simply by a change of scenery. You will feel more prepared when you get to your destination when you see a great backdrop or an awesome filming opportunity to find context of that scenario for your list of ideas. A very different and more effective approach to video content.

A video that might have just been a “look how cool this is” moment and that’s it, is now that and a whole lot more for your viewers. They get to enjoy the experience with you, live vicariously in that moment, while also addressing a topic you wanted to share with them from the list of relevant ideas you you already have.

Type a note on your smartphone

This isn’t complicated. Keep a list of video ideas on your phone so you’re easily able to find the topic that will fit your travel backdrop.


It’s all about convenience. Being prepare so video content happens naturally is how you find success with this medium. Let the inspiration of where you are or what’s happening play that role easily by not relying on it completely.

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