How to Make an Instant Personal Connection in Videos

Video is a powerful tool for making a personal connection but you can quickly get in your own way of making that possible if you add too many bells and whistles to the contrary. Today I’m going to share what video mistake you could be making and how to fix it so you can make that personal connection instantly.


The thing that excites many people about video is all the fun stuff that can happen in “post”, as we like to say in the industry meaning after filming edits and enhancements.

One of those enhancements is usually a branding title sequence, a long animation of text and logos that introduces the subject and creator of the video before the content begins.

Ironically looking professional for vain reasons, it’s actually not an ideal tactic in video marketing because of how it distances you from the people who are viewing. The very last thing that is relatable to a person is “watching” a logo.

At the beginning of this video, I made a joke by not being in the frame at the start. That metaphor is representative of the real fear that people have in video. Postponing the inevitable of seeing yourself on camera with a title sequence or some other weird opening tactic is a great way to send people running from your content.

What they really want to see is you. Their thought leader. Their host. Their mentor. They want to see you and connect immediately so that they know they’ve got someone to take them through the rest of this video experience.

Kicking off any video, no matter what the platform, you should make sure there is a human face to greet your audience. That instant at the beginning of a video when someone decides whether or not they’re going to stick around for the duration is an important one. It’s not a time to rely on animations and theme songs that make you feel your content is more prestigious.