A Philosophy for Video (And Life)

If there’s anyone who understands perfectionism, it’s me. I’m a major perfectionist. Things may not always work out perfectly and I may try to say I’m okay with that, but secretly I want it to be.

I freak out when I send a typo in a text or tweet. I use white-out (yes, that’s still a thing) on my notes taken in pen when I mess up, wishing while the paint dries that I had used pencil. I continue to buy new moleskine notebook whenever I come into contact with them because starting from page 1 feels good. And of course, I will watch a video just one more time to make sure I got it just right.

It’s really hard for me to not go all the way, thus having perfectionism problems. It can be good and it can be bad. But from experience I know that when it comes to marketing with video, it’s usually bad.

Unless you’re a video production company who has been at this a lot of years, the likelihood that your video is perfect is very small. But what’s funny is that same video production company who makes a perfect video according to your eyes will also probably miss the mark on relating to the audience. So is it really perfect if it doesn’t do its job as content?

As I was visiting South Carolina this month on a vacation trip, I started to think about these things.

Why don’t people just make the video? What’s the hold up when equipment and conditions are consistently being offered to us in everyday life? Why do they feel held back?

Meanwhile, here we were on a yacht we rented through AirBnb. My partner Vincenzo with his Canon EOS 5D Mark III (a VERY nice camera). Seemed like perfect conditions to make a video out of my norm. I didn’t bring much camera equipment with me on this trip. The boat was not my idea. But in that moment, I had an opportunity. I took advantage of whatever was put in front of me.

So these two inspirations came together and I made this video about my favorite quote:


Do what you can with what you have where you are.Theodore Roosevelt



This is the quote that got me to 600+ videos on my YouTube channel. This is the quote that got me to this stage in my business. This is the quote that has helped me train people about video from stages all over the world. Because it sums up the reality of creating content with video — and really just getting through life — perfectly.

You can only do what you can with what you have where you are right now. That’s all you have control over.

Stop hesitating to get started. Stop worrying about perfect. The video will never be perfect. Even when all was said and done, the audio of this video had difficulties. But when the content has to get done, you gotta work with what you got. And I was definitely posting a video of me on a boat. Because duh.

Make the damn video.