5 Reasons to Create Content That’s Already Been Done

Starting to create content is a bit scary for most. It seems like such a big animal to take on without a clear vision of how it will actually be received by your target customer.

Not to mention the issue of lack of ideas. As soon as the task of content marketing is assigned the question on everyone’s mind is “what?” What will you talk about?

Meanwhile, other brands have been executing and creating content and one of the great ideas you have to build a valuable resource around has already been done. Discouraging, right?

It shouldn’t be. You don’t have to be first to the party to present something great. It’s just not about that anymore.

We live in a time where personal relationship are everything and people want their information, advice, entertainment and reliable products from those they trust.

I spoke with my friend and fellow keynote speaker Mark Schaefer of BusinessesGrow.com about this. We had just completed our presentations at The Content Marketing Academy 2016 and Mark shared an incredible example in his keynote of a video his client Mirabeau Wines had created: How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew.

Sounds like a great video right? And it was!


Was it the first to arrive on the YouTube scene for such a cool “party trick”? (That’s what others are calling it… I personally think it’s a very important survival tactic I may need in the future.)

No. It wasn’t. There were 5 other competitors already in search at the time.

But Mirabeau still achieve great success with the content accumulating more than 10 million views in a couple of years, thus sending new eyeballs to their fabulous winery.

Let’s use this as our inspiration today. You’re likely sitting on a few ideas that you think have already been done and would be silly for you to try to create content around. I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you not only need to get past the race to first and just create these resources, but to do it as soon as possible.

5 Reasons to Create Content That’s Already Been Done

  1. Increase relevancy as a leader in your niche.
    You can continue to just push your business card out there trying to convince your customers that you’re good at what you do, or you can give them something they actually want: information. We as people are constantly looking for information. For our own relevancy in some ways. Being the connector of that for your audience is a massive opportunity to build brand awareness and position yourself as a leader. It may seem like hard work but it’s actually easier to scale the ability to let people know you have a clue what you’re doing. And if that blog post has already been created by your competitor, all the more reason you should make your own version. It has nothing to do with the competitor. It has everything to do with you offering your perspective as you see it and being a relevant leader in the industry.
  2. Build your resource portal.
    Creating content doesn’t need to be about “first to the party” because you’re going to benefit regardless by having a portal of information you can send people to. There are only so many pages of your website that are sharable on a regular basis. That’s why the blog was created: a chronologically updated content hub for you to increase relevancy of your website. No matter if the topic you’re vlogging about today has been done by someone else or not, create that resource so you have another option for a curious audience member who’s discovered your resource portal (blog, vlog, etc.) and is diving into as much information as they can consume. Every piece they read/watch/listen to is building your relationship with them. And you only had to create it once.
  3. Customer service and content marketing go hand-in-hand. 
    You’re building your resource portal and meanwhile positioning yourself as a thought leader. But you’re also probably coming into contact with people who know you and trust you already and have simple questions.
    A) This is a major content idea opportunity! Don’t let these pass you by even if they seem silly and you could answer them in your sleep.
    B) Answer the question once by creating a piece of content about it so that every other time you get the inquiry you can send people to that resource.
    One of my clients Revealty is a real estate agency here in Columbus and one of the things they noticed after they started creating a lot of video resources was that they were able to save time by sending those videos to their current clientele and leads who were emailing them regularly with questions about buying or listing their home. Whether or not this content is already out there, you gotta answer the question right? You definitely aren’t going to send your competitor’s video to your customer either.
  4. Leverage existing content to find ways to do it better.
    The nice thing about content that already exists is that you can see how you want to do it differently and better. Look at the content that’s already available from your customer’s perspective. Did it really do the job to answer the question or provide value? What should it have included/excluded? Existing content is really nice in the YouTube world because we can actually see the results that made the front page of search and leverage what they did right to position content there as well. Not to mention making the changes that would hopefully put your piece of content higher and more relevant than the existing results. You would have a harder time doing this if there was nothing to measure it against. Precedence can be extremely helpful in content marketing.
  5. Your audience trusts YOU. Give them what they want!
    Yes. We’re using content marketing to be discovered, but we are also using it to build existing relationships. Questioning whether or not to post a piece of content because it’s already out there is silly when your audience is waiting for you to deliver. They trust you and they want their content from you. Don’t be discouraged about not being first because that’s only going to send your customer elsewhere for their information when you’re not their leader at that moment. Too much of that happening will send them away for good. Stay relevant by trusting your audience when they tell you they want to hear from YOU!