I didn’t choose YouTube. The customer did.

I didn't choose YouTube. You did.These days, it’s very easy for you to look at what I’m doing and say how lucky I am to have gotten on board with video content early. How it was smart for me to create videos on YouTube so I could build an archive that would keep people watching for hours.

I suppose that’s true. But I wasn’t the one who chose YouTube for me.

You did.

Okay maybe when I first started with video it was me that chose it. But people like me were posting to YouTube in 2009 because it was so simple to upload and share with our friends. And when video was such a pain to create back then, the sharing part being easy was a very exciting thing.

Back in my day, we didn’t have these smartphone and apps, sonny!

That was the only reason. Which led to me building a little community there helping me discover the power of social marketing and brand advocacy so that I could go on to become a video coach in the marketing space.

But in 2011 when it was time for me to put my roots in the ground to pave the way for the development of my thought leadership in this industry, it was you who chose YouTube for me.

When I looked at the landscape of what social media marketing professionals were doing, I saw a lot of blogging. And blogging was HOT! People were reading voraciously the blogs of their favorite expert. But I knew that wasn’t a strength of mine and I would do a poor job of differentiating myself. Fortunately, I had been producing video for a number of years in a personal brand capacity. Even more exciting was that I was familiar with and already using YouTube, owned by Google and the #2 search engine in the world where more and more people were flocking everyday to watch content.

That’s why I decided SavvySexySocial.com would be a regular series of YouTube videos. Because your eyeballs were already there.

We don’t choose the platform based on what makes us happy. We choose it based on where the attention of our customer is and try to align it with our strengths. Video doesn’t require an amazing personality but it does require talent. But it’s talent you can achieve if you put the work in.

When you see that the attention is there, you’ll want to work on it.

So rather than considering myself lucky, think about the fact that you could be doing the very same thing right now. Making that assessment for your brand awareness of where your customers’ eyes are landing. If you don’t consider this in your market research, you’re just making videos or blog posts or podcasts for yourself.

And last I checked, you’re not the customer of your business.