Why write the book?

I’ve been trying to write a book.

It feels so weird to be writing a book because I make videos. That’s what I’m good at. I’m also a pretty good public speaker. I’m want to be one of the best female public speakers in the World.

Yup. Shootin’ for the stars here.

So that requires a book. A fat, heavy business card that everyone in the industry seems to have but me.

I have shifted blame for my slow progress on the book to a number of things:

  1. Making too many videos. Can’t be disturbed.
  2. As a video creator, shouldn’t I be making a movie rather than writing a book?
  3. I get philosophical when I sit down to write and that’s just not my usual personality. I’m comical. I’m sarcastic. I’M FUN, AREN’T I?!
  4. Going against the grain sounds cool…

The reality behind why this book is not finished yet is just like any other thing that someone procrastinates on even though they know they should do it: I don’t know why.

Theoretically I know why. I have a couple of great reasons.

I’ll have more speaking cred…

People are asking me when my book is coming out…

Those same people want to buy a book that doesn’t exist yet…

Valuable tactics that are really out there in the publishing world…

great reasons.

But no reason that’s groundbreaking enough for me to actually do it.

Well, at least I didn’t think so.

This book has been “in the works” for at least 6 months now and one way I’ve been able to put it off is in using the outline as a guide for my 2016 keynotes. I figured if I was really going to see merit in writing this thing, I should test the content in a live format where people give you real feedback on how they feel about it. It’s a great model that I think I’m still trying to figure out. It’s a model that was inspired by Jay Baer and how he tested his content for Hug Your Haters. I love all things Jay Baer, thus my inspiration.

My opening keynote for 2016 includes the reasons why video is such an incredible medium for making a personal connection with a community and a few case studies to that point. This is essentially my introductory and closing chapters wrapped up into a one-hour presentation. A real rah rah rah of video creation.

My tactical keynote for 2016 includes the ‘how’ of it all, including advice on equipment, editorial, tools, editing, social promotion, growing the community organically and all that fun stuff. The executable awesomeness that I love to share in every form of content that I do. This looks more like the middle chapters of the book. The “steps” you need to take. (Spoiler of a word in my subtitle? Maybe… anything could change at this point.)

With that plan in mind I took a version of the tactical keynote with some spice from my opening keynote to Social Media Marketing World 2016 to present in a video track session.

I don’t get nervous before I speak anymore but I always get little butterflies of excitement. This time I had both nervousness and those excitement-flies. This was not only the first time I would be delivering this presentation but I was also going to share the pillar items of my (alleged) first book.

The track leader introduced me. I walked on stage. And I started.

The opening was the story of my first video. One that isn’t even on the Internet to watch. The one that inspired this whole passion in my life. The story of my desire to be someone’s favorite.

It was after I said those words for the first time to an audience that I knew why I was writing my book.

It’s not about making videos.

It’s not about marketing your brand.

It’s not about creating great content.

It’s not about being famous.

It’s not about standing out.

It’s all about being their favorite.

That’s all any of us really wants. To be a success, we will be the chosen one of our audience. The one they call their favorite.

The mindset shift of knowing, truly, that this book isn’t about me but the way we help and contribute to the lives of other people. That’s a purpose for a book I can’t overlook. That’s exciting. That’s motivating. That’s prioritizing. That’s important.

That makes me want to drop everything and put 100,000 words on paper.

Oh thank goodness. Apparently they don’t need that many words.

I’ll find my process. I’ll get the book written. I’ll even promote it as more than a speaker’s business card.

Because I found my why.