Getting Started with Pinterest Marketing (featuring Jeff Sieh)

One social network that doesn’t get talked about enough on this blog is still a major force in social referral traffic. Pinterest. If you’re just getting started with Pinterest and you want some advice on how to do it right, this video features those very tips from myself and Manly Pinterest Tips’ Jeff Sieh!

1) Get that Pinterest Browser Button Ready

If you’re going to take the advice of this article to have a killer Pinterest presence, you’re going to need to be able pin very easily wherever you are on the Internet. So depending on what browser you use (I use Google Chrome) you’re going to want to install the Pinterest button to make it easy to pin something when you find it.

2) Let Your Boards Speak For Your Profile

In order to pin something it needs to go on a board, so you should set your profile up with a few or lots of different boards to set the tone for what your profile is all about. It’s actually a very creative opportunity to name your boards something a little more fun than what the actual topic seems to be on the surface.

3) Pin Regularly To Improve Search Opportunities

Pinterest is very special in my opinion because of it’s similarity to YouTube, in that you can pin something and it is ultimately an investment in your archives because as it performs in search it can send you traffic from that one pin for a long time to come. So you want to improve those opportunities as much as you can by pinning regularly.

4) Repin to Build Pinterest Relationships

Not all of your pins needs to be original from that fancy Pinterest button you installed. It’s a great idea to repin others so that you’re not only showing them that you want to spread the love and build that relationship, but you’re a connector for your own followers letting them see profiles of other awesome presences as well.

BONUS Tip from Jeff Sieh of Manly Pinterest Tips: Bring a Friend!

Consistency is key. Jeff sets a couple time slots per day to sit down and work on pinning to his profile to continue to be a rockstar on Pinterest. Find your Pinterest times for the day or week that you can work on just that marketing presence.


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