Getting Started with Snapchat Marketing (featuring Ben Phillips)

Snapchat is taking the video world by storm! And it’s super easy to use and engage your audience. Get started with Snapchat marketing with these beginner tips from myself and another awesome Snapchatter Ben Phillips!

1) Recognize Context of Platform… QUICK!

Snapchat is a cool place of fun and secretiveness. Leverage that by not trying to use for for the same marketing you would in another space online. It’s just not going to work unless you appreciate it for what it is and work with that context to stand out.

2) Relax. It’s Not a Place For Pro Equipment

It’s a smartphone-friendly environment on Snapchat, so get used to this tool being your only option. It makes it so much easier to create more content more frequently which is important there.

3) Don’t Be Promotional But Show Off What You’re Up To

Snapchat is very good for a behind-the-scenes look, so show your audience what you’re up to without being overly promotional. It will happen naturally when you just give a glimpse of the work you put in.

4) Allow Snapchat Takeovers for New Viewpoints

Whether it’s someone inside our organization or a Snapchat leader who can give your audience a new way to look at what you’re doing, organize Snapchat takeovers to keep things interesting.

5) Leverage Hashtags to Tweet in Conversations Relevant to Your Brand

When you use hashtags in your tweets, you’re allowing your tweets to be seen by more than just your own followers. Think of hashtags as their own curated conversation or chat. When you find out relevant to a conversation your brand should be a part of, jump in and provide value.

Ben PhillipsBONUS Tip from Ben Phillips: Make Sure Everyone Can View Your Story

Go into your Snapchat settings and make sure that your story is set to be seen by anyone who follows you and not just your friends. This why you do not have to follow back everyone who wants to see your story and can spread your message even further.

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