3 Big Mistakes of Small Business Email Marketing

3 Big Mistakes of Small Business Email Marketing

If you’re going to get started with email marketing (what are you waiting for?!) make sure you don’t make these big mistakes.


Are you emailing your customers as a part of your marketing strategy? Well that’s good. Just don’t do any of these things and it can only go up from here.

1) All Sales. All The Time.

I don’t know how many times you have heard me say the words “relationship building” but selling to your subscribers every single time you send them an email is the opposite of that. People sign up because they want more value from you. So offer than in more than just products and services.

Show people behind the brand, be personable and bring them along your journey so it’s actually worth continuing to open your emails. It can’t be all sales all the time but email is still an amazing place to sell when it IS time.

2) Uploading Business Card Email Addresses To Your List Manually (Without Permission)

Stop. Doing. This.

People hate it. And they know when you did it.

You MUST ask permission which is why a lot of opt-in forms also require you to click the “confirm” link in your inbox itself. An unhealthy list of subscribers who didn’t really choose to be there properly is a great way to get your email platform a little annoyed with you and kicked off. (I have seen this happen before to a former client. Just because you pay Mailchimp doesn’t mean they will let you stay if you misuse the tool.)

If you check that box that says “these email recipients allowed me to add them to my list” it better be true.

Also, you probably already have a touch point with these people so they shouldn’t be treated the same as people who are at a different place in your lead funnel. Did you ever think about that? You’re actually setting them back to a place before they met you and decided you were cool enough to stay in contact with! Very different from downloading some free content or getting a coupon and then building a relationship from there.

3) People Don’t Like To “Submit”

Think about your email opt in forms and how you’ve programmed them to invite someone to your list. Are they appealing? Are they exciting? Does someone see it and go “OH! I want that.” Usually when a button says “submit” those feelings do not apply. And “newsletters” aren’t sexy. How can you make someone genuinely excited to be a part of your list but sharing in advance how valuable it will be for them?

Offering a lead magnet is absolutely a great way to make this mindset shift happen. If you’re not familiar with what a lead magnet is, check out this video I made explaining it all: How I Increased My Email List by 10% in 30 days.



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