3 Tips to Launch a New Instagram Account

You know Instagram is where it’s at, right? Launch your new Instagram account in a way that impresses your audience by following these simple tips.


In recent Savvy Sexy Social news, we launched an Instagram account! I have of course been on Instagram already but mainly for my personal brand: Schmittastic.

Up until this point, I didn’t think Savvy Sexy Social needed its own Instagram account and then I changed my mind because INSTAGRAM IS AWESOME.

Even though I did not plan a presence on Instagram for the blog, I still reserved the name because the worst thing you can do is not reserve your brand on a popular social platform that you may decide to use later. Or that someone may want to pretend to be you on…

Always take the opportunity to reserve your handle on a platform but then do not do anything with it. Until you have a plan to execute, you shouldn’t even have a bio.

Now that the backend of things is taken care of, this video explains three things to keep in mind when you want to launch an awesome Instagram account.

It’s not as simple as publishing a photo. Nope.

3 Tips to Launch a New Instagram Account

1) Plan Your Content

You want to set in motion the plans for a vibe and expectation for your Instagram account so it’s clear what your audience will get out of being a follower to this experience. Know the purpose of the account and your images will be very clear as to what they should be.

Knowing the purpose doesn’t just mean the right photos for this online presence, but a clear understanding of what the calls-to-action will be. Critical to keep in mind when you’re marketing in rented space.

Know the CTAs because you only get one link in the whole profile on Instagram and that’s in your bio. Is the purpose going to be just to engage the audience? Drive traffic? Make the decision and stick with the plan as you develop your content strategy.


2) Have An Attention-Getting Bio

This is so important because many Instagram accounts that have great photos are quickly judged secondarily by what the bio does to complement the profile’s purpose. You want to be eye-catching with that section of the page.

Don’t be like everyone else who just types some boring copy and then links to the home page of your website. Use emojis and spacing, different letters and fun explanations of your brand so that it pops off the screen just as much as your photos do.

Then in the link section of your bio, choose a link that is specific to just the audience who takes action from Instagram. A landing page specifically for these followers will help you pinpoint traffic and ROI from your efforts there.


3) Launch With A Minimum Of 9 Photos — Create A Mock-Up To Approve Visually Beforehand

You must have multiple photos to launch an Instagram account because that is how many you are able to see in the grid format of the profile. If you land on someone’s profile and they have less than this, it’s immediately a turn off and you’re less likely to follow.

Before you start uploading, use Canva.com to create a mock-up of what you want your first images to look like on the brand page once you announce your Instagram launch. Drag and drop your photos the way you would like them published so you have a clear-cut plan on how you’re going to move forward.

And then post all those photos! I chose to launch later on Eastern Time so there was less obstruction to the news feed of my existing followers. (If you reserve your handle early you may have some followers just waiting for you to post.) Or you can choose to have all 9 photos posted within an hour and space them out over a certain number of minutes between.

Make sure copy for each photo is already ready and prepared. I recommend putting all the copy in the Notes app on your phone so you can just jump over and copy paste as you’re in launch-post mode.


Check out the new Instagram presence for Savvy Sexy Social and let me know what you think by double tapping and commenting!