Best Smartphone Video Mic: Rode Smartlav Plus

Best Smartphone Video Mic: Rode Smartlav Plus

You don’t need a ton of gear to upgrade your video content. Keep it simple and make sure you audio doesn’t kill all your work. (ie. wind, background noise, other things that are annoying to hear and distract from a video.) The Rode Smartlav Plus is a must for smartphone video!

Rode Smartlav Plus: Best Smartphone Video Microphone

Ah smartphone video. It’s running rampant in the world, isn’t it?

I highly encourage smartphone video. Our iPhones are making video that might be better than this Canon T4i that I use. I’m like ‘Why am I even using this big thing. I could just put my smartphone up here and it would do a great job!’

But when you’re doing on-the-go video, the video part is not necessarily the variable at hand as much as the state of the audio is. Audio is what will kill a video if it is not good. We might be settling for visuals these days, but if audio hurts our ears or bothers us, we are OUT!

That’s why today I wanted to tell you about my little secret for on-the-go video because when I travel I do not bring all my gear. No no no. I just use my iPhone 6+ and my Rode Smartlav Plus. (Funny how they both have “plus” in the name?)

I’m not using the Smartlav in this video because I prefer to use a Rode boom microphone in-studio. But when I’m out and about, outside or just traveling where things can be crazy and I cannot control the environment around me, it’s very important that I have a microphone ready other than the one that is built into the phone. (Not ideal.)

That’s what I use the Rode Smartlav Plus for. I just carry it around in my purse or suitcase, because I can just pull it out, plug it into the phone and it’s ready to go. It’s that easy!

Sidebar: the fact that you can just plug a microphone into your phone and the phone knows what to do with it right away is amazing. Take advantage of that!

There’s no reason why you can’t buy a very economical and easy tool to upgrade your smartphone videos so you don’t have to go buy a bunch of gear. The boom mic, the fancy camera, the lights. Or you could go outside, use natural lighting, your smartphone and the Rode Smartlav Plus. You’re good to go!

There are a lot of smartphone microphones on the market but I prefer Rode as a brand with all of my audio accessories for video.

Recommendation: This lavalier microphone is very good. You do not have to put it so close to your face for it to pick up and it’s going to make you sound blown out if you do. Test different places to put the micrphone. Even out of frame can work well depending on your circumstances. Always test when you can. Especially if you’re a one-vlogger show. 🙂 #iknowthatlife

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