76: From 100 to 1000 Email Subscribers with Personal Trainer Melanie Ash


Being a personal trainer requires a lot of physical work.

However, it also requires focus and consistency, not only in training, but also in marketing.

Melanie Ash, of Melanie Ash Fitness, discusses how she focuses on her email marketing campaign to grow her business and how the Social Authority Membership Group has helped turn her business into a fitness powerhouse helping not only those close by in Columbus, Ohio (Amy’s hometown as well) but across the country.

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Interview Notes:

“You have to make the best experience for the customer, while valuing your own time.”

“We started the email list early one, but didn’t understand what it was supposed to look like.”

“For 2015, I laid out the email list focus.”

“If you train for fat loss, you need to train for fat loss.”


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