74: Leveraging Podcasting for Brand Awareness with Vincenzo Landino


The world has become visual in more ways that we can imagine.

Snapchat has 6 billion video views daily.

Facebook video impressions continue to grow.

YouTube is more relevant now, than ever before.

However, an often overlooked aspect of it is the audio that accompanies the visuals. My guest, Vincenzo Landino, podcast host of the Brand Boost Podcast, discusses the power and relevancy of this amazing format on brand exposure.

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Interview Notes:

“The podcast is our most forward facing asset.”

“We use the podcast to give back to our clients, to our audience and set the tone to our offering as an agency.”

“The most popular episodes have been ones where the guests are not ‘big name’ people.”

“The world of podcast listeners is much different than those on the social media space.”

“Utilize your online profiles to generate targeted traffic to your podcast.”


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