The Most Important Copy to Optimize for your YouTube Videos

This video is all about the copy to optimize if you want your YouTube videos to perform well in search for their content. So important for an effective presence on this platform.

There are three major areas of copy that you need to make sure are completed by the time your video is done processing on YouTube:

1.  Headline

The title of your video is important for many reasons, but this is your first opportunity to tell YouTube what your video is about so that it can be categorized accordingly. Make sure you get your keyword phrase in the headline early (in the first 4-5 words, if possible.)

2. Description

The great thing about YouTube is the abundant amount of space you have in the description section. Do you need to use all of it? Arguable. But you definitely need to do is make sure that the keyword you were hoping to rank for in the headline is reiterated in the description. Make sure you add it to the first couple lines of copy so Google can easily find it as well.

3. Tags

So many questions surround the Tags of a YouTube video but as long as you keep in mind that this area is meant to support your keywords, you will use it correctly. Make sure again that your keyword is one of your tags, as well as other versions of the phrase that may be searched for as well by your audience. You also want to add your personal information to the tags to make referred content show up in your favor more often. Channel name, brand name, personal name, etc.