70: Holly Gillen Takes You From Start To Star with Video


I love to show off successful Savvy Sexy Social community members whenever I can and Holly Gillen is a perfect story to tell! Listen to how she leveraged her online presence to grow an incredible video marketing consultancy.

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From The Show:

In 2008, today’s guest got started in video and hasn’t looked back since.

Holly Gillen turned a passion in video production into a full-time gig and has worked with with big industry names including The Sundance Channel, Sony Music, Nick.com, Bono, Big Time Rush, Forest Whitaker, Robert Townsend, and many more.

(Crazy, RIGHT?!)

Holly realized there were TONS of entrepreneurs who wanted her help, but weren’t able to afford big-time “Hollywood” budgets…

So naturally, Holly made a shift and translated her experience in film into a range of educational courses and services to support entrepreneurs in their quest for video stardom.

What I love most about Holly (amongst MANY things) is that she believes that in this day in age, everyone can be a video auteur, creating beautiful business cinema that you can be proud of.

Holly is an active member of Social Media Authority, an an amazing example of what combing passion and taking action looks like.

Resources Mentioned:

Go One-on-One with Holly: DIY Video Starter 1:1
SavvySexySocial LIVE

Lavalier Microphones:

Stabilizing Your Video:

Smartphone Lenses:

For more video accessories: PhotoJojo


“You become more of who you are in real life on camera when you get comfortable.” – Holly (Tweet this!)

“There’s a difference between taking something that you’ve seen work, and truly being yourself.” – Amy (Tweet this!)

“I feel like people have this idea that it needs to be perfect otherwise it’s they’re not going to be accepted.” – Holly (Tweet this!)

“The first thing I recommend is start with what you have and upgrade as you go.” – Holly (Tweet this!)

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