Next Level Social Networking via Live Streaming

The latest thing to come out of the livestreaming movement of 2015 is And believe it or not this simple platform might knock out Google Hangouts.

I know what you’re thinking. Yet another new social network. Is it going to be worth investing time? Marketing dollars. Do I HAVE TO LEARN A NEW THING?!

I feel your pain. But trust me. This one is worth it.

Why? Because it’s live, personal interaction with a couple clicks of a button. Not this crazy hot mess that Google Hangouts have made video conferencing to be. is a game-changer in this industry because of how quickly people are being discovered by building real, important relationships. It’s so easy to just join a conversation because of the “open seat” opportunities of the network.

One of the coolest things, in my opinion is that there is a chat. So no matter if you’re on camera or just “in the room”, you can be a part of the conversation. Google made that so difficult with Hangouts, where the chat was on YouTube (if you knew to go there) and people in the Hangout didn’t have easy access to viewing it without multiple windows.

There are so many social aspects to this platform, from logging in with Twitter (again not having to start a new account of something but incorporating the networks you’ve already built) to being able to quickly and easily tweet your event whether you organized or attended. You can even change the title multiple times in a session to get accuracy of topic down since these streams sometimes go for hours and subjects change. It’s hashtag and @reply friendly for those tweets as well keeping it easy to measure impact on social of how people helped you promote your Blab.

The easy record is the biggest winner. I just recorded my first Marketing Lifestyle Show interview on Blab because the button is recording as simply as one tap. I know. Groundbreaking.

Tune in to this episode for more of my thoughts on and follow me to make sure you see my Marketing Lifestyle interviews live, because this platform is not only more reliable than Google. It’s beating the Skype recording methos as well.