68: How To Grow An Email List Using Old (but still valuable) Content with Jeremy Montoya


Today is going to be a real treat. The brilliant list-builder Jeremy Montoya joins us to give us all his best advice about growing your email list and therefore the pipeline for your business!

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From The Show:

Let’s get one thing straight about building communities online in 2015…

If you’re building a brand, business, or following on social media and not running any tests to see what works…

Then what are you doing?!

Creating a successful online business these days means a few things:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Building an email list

Today’s guest is here to talk about all of the above.

Jeremy Montoya is a blogger and podcaster who shares experiments around list-building and email marketing that he and his clients are running, on his site www.JeremyMontoya.me.

As many of you know, I have a free course to help you get your first 500 email subscribers, so I was naturally excited to chat about building an email list and the tools necessary get the job done.

Resources Mentioned:


  • “If I did an 80/20 analysis on the tools you need for starting a website, it would hands down be Aweber and LeadPages.” – Jeremy Montoya
  • “The biggest thing in all of this… is to not be scared to ask.” – Jeremy Montoya
  • “When you’re solving their problems they’re going to go and opt-in, and not feel bad for that.” – Jeremy Montoya
  • “I’m a huge fan of taking those things we’ve put time into, and find a way to repurpose them in the next video.” – Jeremy Montoya
  • “It’s always about the next video, the next blog post… but sometimes we forget that we can curate our own stuff.” – Amy Schmittauer
  • “When you get the right eyes and traffic, chances are they’re gonna share it.” – Jeremy Montoya

Where To Find Jeremy

After The Show

Jeremy and I are hosting a FREE hangout to discuss how to build your email list if you’re a podcaster, blogger, or YouTuber – and the tools you NEED to be using to make it happen.

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