Travel Video Equipment Tips for Vlogging

You may have noticed on and in the videos that I have been on-the-go quite a bit this month and will be throughout September. In this video I’m talking about the travel video equipment to keep my content professional while also packing light.

On the beach of Cape Cod at sunset, my friends Sue B. Zimmerman and Vincenzo Landino were tired after a long day of videos and photo opps. But they still encouraged me to get one more video in before leaving this lovely locale. So I thought, why not talk about how the heck I’m getting all these videos done in one day without having a full on crew and equipment?

First and foremost, if anything ever happened to my iPhone 6+ I don’t know what I would do. I LIVE ON THIS THING. But when I’m traveling it’s my only video camera and I don’t feel like I’m settling in the least. Sure my DSLR is awesome, but I don’t know miss how much work it is when I have such a high power camera in my smartphone. Maybe this is why I’m always telling people to start with what they have in their pockets? Because sometimes it’s better than everything else!

In this video I’m also using a 4-in-1 Olloclip for more wide angle lens opportunities if I have so beautiful scenery I want to get in the shot. The iPhone 6+ is already pretty great in terms of wide angles, but this is exaggeratingly beautiful and comes in even more handy for live streams on Periscope when I have multiple people I want to join me.

And if you’re going to do a lot of video content outside with your smartphone, you do NOT want to depend on the internal microphone. That’s why I use the Rode Smartlav+. It’s not wireless but I prefer that so I know my product is going to come out the way I need it to every time. (I’m definitely not a fan of reshooting!)

Don’t hold back on creating video just because you don’t have your fancy set. It’s amazing the content you can create when you just go with what you have where you are. It’s a lot a lot more fun! Just me, some friends, the beach and a little bit of content to bring value to you. That’s what it’s all about! Living vicariously through the creator. And I think I accomplished that here with this video and the others during my travel time.

Check out ALL the equipement I use, both in studio and out, on the official Savvy Sexy Social Resources page!