YouTube Analytics to Watch for Improved Content Marketing

Pumping out new videos all the time is nice, but if you aren’t measuring your wins and losses it’s much harder to get better consistently. Today we talk about what metrics to pay attention to so you’re always improving your video content marketing strategy.

1) Audience Retention

We just talked more in depth about this last week. But it’s worth noting again that audience retention is a very big deal for YouTube videos. Just because you’re getting views, doesn’t mean people are sticking around. If viewers are leaving early, you’re likely not getting your call to action taken which is a failure on the part of your video. Keeping people watching is a very important thing to track in your analytics.

2) Your Top 10 Videos

This is a fun metric because it can tell you a number of things about the most views you’re accumulating. The default setting in analytics is to look at the last 28 days so always know where your videos are ranking in that time frame because there might be an oldie that’s still rolling in the views. In the same way, checking longer periods of time on your channel such as the lifetime is a cool way to see where your greatest success stories in terms of views are.

3) Demographics and Playback Locations

I put two together into one here because when you’re thinking about your avatar, you should know them really well. So details such as demographics will help make sure that you are indeed reaching that demo but also noting the devices they’re using is a big one too. You may have to call action differently when you’re asking someone who is watching your video on a smartphone versus someone on a desktop or laptop computer.

These are my top 3 YouTube metrics for improved content marketing. Where have you seen information in analytics that have improved your success? Share in the comments!