3 Biggest Myths about being a Video Personality

So many of your following this blog have probably thought about creating video after seeing me execute my message to you through it, but still haven’t tried it. Today I share the 3 biggest myths that are probably holding you back from getting started as an authority in your space by way of getting on video.

Myth #1 You have to be funny

There are so many video creators trying to be funny when they’re greatest asset has nothing to do with that. You treat the camera as a vehicle to deliver your message. Imagine someone standing next to you. How would you talk? It should be similar on camera. Be you and your video will be effective.

Myth #2 You have to be pretty/handsome

Seriously? That’s not even a thing. But it can be hard enough to watch yourself back on camera, much less the judgy things you think about your appearance. When you’re becoming an authority, looking your best matters but it’s YOUR best. And there are plenty of ugly people on the Internet. Get over it and start working towards YOUR GOALS.

Myth #3 You have to write a script

I hear this one a lot which you would think would make it easier to get started but actually hinders people even more from the additional work. If you need a script to come off more natural on camera, then go to town and write one. I know plenty of people like this. I prefer to talk to a camera like a person which means me just talking. I keep a list to guide me through and keep me on track but I don’t script. That’s my forte. You need to practice the one you think is yours.

What are some other misconceptions that you think keeps you or others from trying video blogging? Share in the comments so we can break down those barriers!