How to Embed Videos and Tweets in WordPress

I got this question about how to embed videos and tweets and thought how I should probably talk about this more since I’m constantly stressing the importance of making videos and ALSO having a website. The two have to work together don’t they? So here is a tutorial for embedding rich media like videos and tweets into WordPress blogs.

You know how much I like to talk about having your own website right? Well it’s funny that a Social mentioned on Twitter that I might think about doing a video about how to embed rich media on to your website.


— Jason Allan (@OiYouYeahYou) September 15, 2014

OMG duh! That might be helpful right?

So I’m excited to be doing a tutorial today to talk about how I do that on my WordPress blog (if you need a website to do this, get ahold of our sponsor Bluehost and they’ll help get you set up!), whether you’re embedding a video or a tweet to make your site content more sexy and exciting to check out.

There’s something so nerdy about how much I like embedding and HTML and all the weird stuff. I don’t know that much, but what I do know is definitely very nerdy of me.f

Tune in to learn how to embed videos and tweets on your WordPress blog.

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